Friday, August 24, 2007

A Scrappers Game

Last night I took the girls to their first baseball game. Mike wasn't overly excited because he wasn't able to go with work and all. We had fun, we didn't get to stay the whole time because it didn't start until 7 and Callee is usually in bed by 8:30, but we did have fun. Amazingly, Callee lasted until a little after 9 which is great for her. Taylor seemed to enjoy the game, but was more interested in the socializing instead. Her friends Riley, Abbey and Alyssa were there so she bounced around from row to row. I should tell you we went with a bunch of people from our church so we had 4 rows of seats! I don't normally just let her roam around. I was really impressed with her socializing because usually she wants to just sit right next to me the whole time and gets very shy and quiet. This was a huge step!

I wanted to share the pictures Judy sent me from our church picnic the other day. She did not send me the one of Callee with cake all over her face, but she did send me 3 cute ones. Here they are: This is Taylor trying to be as messy as Callee was. It didn't quite work, but what a face she

is making.

This is Shelley blowing Alyssa's bubbles and Taylor enjoying them. The bubbles were Alyssa's auction "prize." There is the crazy puffed out lips face on Taylor again. I don't know where she got this or what she is doing!
This is Callee with her monkey "prize" from the auction. She would not look at the camera for anything! Look at how much she resembles her prize. Maybe it is just me but she looks so much like a monkey! I think she is beautiful, so no one take that as I'm being mean to her. I have always thought monkey's were cute, I just never thought I'd give birth to one! Have a great weekend, more on Monday!

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Gina said...

She's pretty much the most beautiful monkey ever! Yep, they are too cute.