Thursday, December 13, 2007

100 things about me

  1. I am a wife

  2. I am a mother

  3. I am a sister

  4. I am a friend

  5. I am an aunt

  6. I am a daughter

  7. I have 2 daughters

  8. I have a wonderful husband

  9. He is one of my biggest supporters

  10. We only dated for 4 months when I found out I was pregnant with Taylor

  11. Taylor is 3 1/2

  12. Mike and I have been married for 2 1/2 years

  13. I didn't want to get married just because I was pregnant

  14. My birthday is in May

  15. You will know when it is

  16. I start my countdown in April

  17. I am a big birthday person

  18. I am surrounded by a few great friends

  19. My mother is one of my best friends

  20. She always has been

  21. My best friend died when I was 11

  22. He happened to also be my cousin

  23. My bus got into an accident a year later

  24. The lady that hit us had a heart attack at the wheel and died

  25. I saw her dead on the road when she was ejected

  26. Two deaths within a year was very traumatic for me

  27. I am number two of four in my family

  28. My sister is older and I have a younger sister and my brother is younger

  29. I have one niece

  30. I have one nephew

  31. We have a dog

  32. She is a toy rat terrier/chihuahua mix

  33. I will never own another pet

  34. Not while my kids are young

  35. I got into a car accident when I was 8 months pregnant

  36. I had to deliver Callee because of it

  37. She was a month early

  38. Callee is now 17 months

  39. I have had two knee surgeries because of the accident

  40. I take an anti inflammatory because of it too

  41. My knee is filled with arthritis because of the trauma to it

  42. I work out of the home full time

  43. Some days I love it

  44. Some days I hate it

  45. My children are the reason I go to work every day

  46. To give them what they want and need without worry

  47. I stayed home for two years

  48. I went to school during this time

  49. I was lucky to find a job 2 weeks after I graduated

  50. I work opposite shifts as my husband

  51. So we don't have to put the girls in daycare

  52. A lady from our church's sister in law watches my kids

  53. I trust her 100%

  54. It makes coming to work much easier

  55. I would love to travel the world

  56. My parents have been married for 31 years

  57. I hope I can say the same in 29 years

  58. Writing that out made it seem like a long time

  59. My biggest fear in life is losing my husband or kids

  60. I would probably have to be committed to the loony bin

  61. I have met a lot of great people since blogging

  62. Some I would love to meet in real life

  63. I may actually meet a couple of them

  64. I believe in God

  65. I work every day to trust him more

  66. I go to church every Sunday

  67. Our church doesn't have Wednesday night services

  68. I wish they did

  69. We are starting a young mothers bible study

  70. I can't wait

  71. I love my immediate family

  72. We don't always get along, but I try

  73. My extended family is rather catty and judgemental

  74. I still go to family functions though

  75. I think out of guilt

  76. It is really important to me that my kids be raised around family

  77. I wish we could move to a different state though

  78. The economy around here stinks

  79. And who wants to live 30 minutes from the murder per ca pita capital?

  80. I was raped when I was 17

  81. That is how I lost my virginity

  82. I didn't tell anyone for almost 2 years

  83. I was afraid to tell my mom

  84. I thought she would be disappointed and mad at me

  85. I was going to be a virgin until I got married

  86. My mother said to me, "Even if you killed someone I'd still love you."

  87. Then I told her

  88. We wept together

  89. I have never been afraid to tell my mom anything else

  90. Except when I was pregnant with Taylor

  91. I made her promise not to tell my dad (about the rape)

  92. I told him years later

  93. In my brother's family counseling session

  94. We never talked about it

  95. Maybe on his death bed

  96. My kids are my reason for living

  97. I dread puberty with them though

  98. Callee is named after me

  99. Both of our middle names are Rose

  100. I wish I could have had one boy, for Mike.


my wonderful men... said...

Thank you for sharing really personal parts of your life.

KC said...

Thanks for sharing all about yourself. It was a great read and I feel like I know you alot more now.
I posted my 525th blog post today and have yet to sit down and do a 100 thing post.. your on the ball :)

Kellan said...

I loved this, Courtney! My Birthday is in May also - watch it be the same day!!!! Mine is May 2. I love how close you are to your mother and how much you love your husband and kids - they are lucky to have you. I'm also sorry about the rape and you are very brave to even be able to talk about something like that! I am glad to know you, my friend.

Kathy said...

Hello! Wow! Agreat post, thank you for sharing yourself. It is an honor to'know' you. Kathy

Shana said...

Courtney, what a privilege it has been to read this post. You are so brave to share such personal aspects of your life, but I believe that everything one goes through in life makes them who they are. AND WHAT A WONDERFUL PERSON YOU ARE!!! :o) (((HUGS)))