Monday, August 27, 2007

Read This...Because I Said So!

Have I mentioned I love the weekends? I love being able to spend quality family time and I love not having to get up for work. I can be lazy for a couple of hours in the morning on the weekends. Friday night I took the girls to see my cousin Zack's high school football game. The girls were pretty well behaved until the 4th quarter which I found pleasantly surprising. We headed for the car about 9:45 and didn't make it there until almost 10! We had to park about 6 blocks from the stadium so it was not fun with two kids in toe.

Saturday we got up at 10:45 when Taylor woke up and Callee didn't get up until 11:15! Apparently the game really wiped out these sleepy heads. We didn't do too much during the day and the girls were extremely whiny. I was ready to go back to work by about 2:30. Mike and I went out to dinner along with his sister and her boyfriend. We had a really good time and decided to go out dancing. We had a great time but I was so tired on Sunday from being out late.

Sunday we slept in a little too. That was really nice. I took the girls to my moms house for a couple hours so Mike could cut the grass and try to fix the sweeper I broke without the girls bothering him. When we came home, I made dinner and Mike took Taylor and Callee out to help him rake the yard. What a sight that was looking outside at that. It was really sweet to watch him interact with them like that. It doesn't happen too often because we never have time to actually enjoy it, but we made time for it this weekend. After dinner, we took the girls back outside and Taylor was writing with chalk. She was so proud of herself because she drew a heart. It was a pretty decent looking heart too. Off to the bath we went then because they were both covered in chalk, dirt and grass! I'm so glad I cleaned my bathtub before they got in (sarcastically said).

Mike and I ordered a movie from PPV Sunday night. We watched "Because I Said So" which was actually a pretty good movie. It is a total chick flick, but Mike managed to live through it. It was overall a really good weekend minus the whining all morning on Saturday. I think Callee is getting more teeth though so that could be the problem.

I wanted to post the picture below and let everyone know that it is from the Diarrhea/Diary night. This is my niece I was talking about.

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