Thursday, August 23, 2007

Diary or Diarrhea? That is the question.

I really have nothing to blog about today except one funny, yet gross story. It's about diarrhea. Taylor went to my sister's yesterday to play and I went to pick her up about 8:30. Alissa said she had given each of the kids a little notebook to write/draw in. Casia told Taylor to write diarrhea so Taylor got the green and brown marker and started drawing circles and coloring them in. That's diarrhea, right? Casia got mad and said "Not the poop!" Everyone was confused. They all, except Casia, thought there was only one kind of diarrhea. Alissa asked her what she was talking about then. She explained that she wanted her to write in the thing that you write in when you don't want your friends to see it. A diary! That made a whole lot more sense and wasn't as gross as wanting your cousin to write diarrhea.

I only have one more day of work and then it is finally family time. I am so excited. Have a great night!


Shana said...

Funny story...LOL!!!

And thank-you for the nice comment on my blog. I am not the same weight I was in HS anymore. Three kids later I have put on a lot of weight. But I do believe it is about what is in the inside not the outside for other people...just not! :o)

Pinks & Blues said...

OMG! That is hilarious!! That's the kind of story you'll be telling her for the rest of her life!! Thanks for sharing and giving me a good laugh tonight before bed!! :)
- Audrey
Pinks & BLues