Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Church Picnic

Last night our church had our annual Women's ministry Friends and Family Picnic. Of course it rained so the picnic was moved from the park to the church. Every year this turns out to be a great time for fellowship and we also have an auction to raise money for Women's ministry. This year, they auctioned off kids toys too. Every child there was given a dollar by the adults and sat right up front when it was their turn. The little ones weren't sure how to do it so they just kept waiving their dollar and it was so cute. Taylor obviously can't take the suspense because when they got to 50 cents, she stood up took the prize and handed him her dollar, it was hilarious. Every prize was wrapped so you didn't know what you were getting so the thrill of opening it, I believe, is why Taylor just grabbed it.

Taylor got a finger shooter, which is kind of like shooting a rubber band across the room without hurting yourself. She also got a nice new coloring book and crayons. Callee (the monkey) got a nice blue and green stuffed monkey. It was kind of funny that she got that cuz she looks and acts just like a monkey. Shelley gave her a cupcake and she was in her glory. Of course I forgot my camera so I am going to see if Judy will e-mail me the pictures she took so I can post them to my blog. Hopefully you'll have those soon. Until next time, have a great day!

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