Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rough Night

Last night was a very rough night. It started out really good. The girls were being really well behaved and playing nicely and I was getting some cleaning done. I swept out the couches, which definitely needed done and then I headed in to the bedrooms. I decided I would change the sheets first because they needed done desperately bad. I then started running the sweeper in my room and accidentally swept up a sock...oops! No big deal, right? Yeah right it's me we're talking about. The sweeper started smoking and gave off this horrible odor. I got the sock out but the sweeper is now broke. Great, add that to the list of things we now need.I feel like this turtle. Complacent in a big, big world!

Then, I was giving the girls a bath after dinner and was done washing them so they were playing, innocent enough, right? Not so! I was sitting on the floor watching them play and Callee went under the water. We all know how fast I can get off the ground and she was under the water for a few seconds. It scared the crap out of me. I got her out of the tub and ready for bed. On to the third thing.

I light candles all the time. We have consistently told Taylor you don't touch them, lit or unlit. She claimed to understand so we left them on the table, where Callee couldn't get them. Last night, Taylor decided she wanted to blow it out and pulled it towards her. She then remembered she wasn't allowed to touch them so she came to ask me if she could blow it out, in the meantime, Callee pulled it off the table, burning herself and getting candle wax on my carpet and kitchen floor (the least of my worries) and she has a little blister on her finger now.

After all this, I put them both to bed and really wanted a stiff drink, but decided against it. Instead I watched Army Wives and then went to bed. Hopefully tonight will be better.

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