Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sad & won't apologize....

So the title is a little strange, but it's how I feel. I am so sad that our summer is coming to an end so quickly. This has been one of the best, most memorable summers in my adult life. We've visited family, made many park trips, had tons of sleepovers, enjoyed the scorching hot temps & rising humidity & even had time to visit a couple amusement parks.

Last summer we barely hit 80 all summer & 2 1/2 months of our summer was spent in the low to mid 70's. I went into fall thinking, "we only had spring this year, there was no summer at all!" This year is a different story & I'm so grateful for the 90 degree days & 75 - 90% humidity we've been having. I am aware of how strange that sounds, but these are the summer days I remember growing up with & these are the summer days I want my kids to remember. We have made new memories & built upon old ones!

So about the not apologizing statement; I cannot apologize for not blogging recently! We have been too busy having fun, making memories & enjoying ourselves that every night I am completely exhausted & only want to veg on the couch. I don't even have enough energy to get the laptop & type on that...yes I am VERY tired! I wouldn't change an ounce of it though because as I said before we are having a fantastic summer!

Taylor goes back to school on August 30, which means homework, early bedtimes & the rushing of evenings. For now I will enjoy the time I am able to spend with my kids, keep them up late, run them ragged & deal with the meltdowns that ensue from 2 exhausted children!

This week we've had family in town & visited a water park & hung out with them Sunday & Monday. We've had lots of sleepovers with my niece & nephew & we take turns with whose house they are staying at on different nights. We've had at least one a week for the past 4 weeks. Thursday night we are going to a baseball game & Friday we will spend the evening with my family that is in from out of town before they leave on Saturday morning. This weekend we have Mike's work picnic on Saturday, church on Sunday morning & Mike's family reunion on Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure what next week will hold, but next Saturday is my nephew's birthday & party & Sunday my friend is having a barbecue we are planning to attend.

That following Monday is Taylor's first day of first grade & her first day of all day school. The district we live in only has 1/2 day Kindergarten so she didn't go all day last year. I am scarred, nervous, sad (that she's growing up so fast) and proud of her all at the same time....if that's possible! I really wish I could slow time down a little & have this next week and a half crawl by...I'm not ready for our summer to end. This time next year I will be getting 2 ready for school & just the thought of that makes the tears well up!

So, after all of this babbling, I just wanted to say, when the weather gets cold, time slows down & a school routine is set I will be blogging more regularly. In the meantime I hope every one's enjoying their summer as much as we are. Leave a comment with your favorite part of summer or a memory you've made this summer!

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