Friday, May 29, 2009

How I spent my birthday....

I have had a lot of people wish me a happy birthday and this year, I get an overwhelming feeling to slap someone. LOL. I know it's mean, but I can't help it.

So my birthday was May 26 and on May 23 a friend of mine and I went to dinner & then to Mountaineer where I lost $20. Whatever it was fun.

The fun abruptly ended there though. On May 26, I had to take Taylor to the eye doctor. She failed her vision screening at Kindergarten screening and had to see an eye doctor. Her vision was 20/30 in both eyes and her eyes were "jumping" when she followed an object up.

Well, the doctor said he wasn't concerned about the "jumping." She has no signs of cataracts or lazy eye, but she does have an astigmatism and her vision is 20/40 -2 in her left eye and 20/40 -1 in her right eye. Anyone care to tell me what the -2 and -1 mean?

So basically I have drops to put in her eyes for 3 days (Saturday, Sunday & Monday) before bed so they can "freeze" her focus. This will then allow the doctor to look at her eyes on Tuesday the 2nd and decide what prescription she needs. We will pick out her frames on Tuesday and she should have her new glasses in about 1 - 2 weeks. She will have to wear them all the time. I'll have to post a picture after she gets them.

Then, after work on Tuesday I had to take my bridesmaid dress in to have it altered. I am in a wedding on June 12. The groom is my cousin & they now live in Colorado, but are getting married out here. I agreed to be in the wedding before I knew it was on a Friday. I also paid for half my dress before I knew it was on a Friday. I called in my measurements to the dress shop in Colorado & the woman never asked me for my pant or bra size just says, "OK, we'll call you when it's in."

The bride picks it up & brings it to Ohio with her. Might I add that I had 14 days to take it back in and have them reorder, but she didn't get it to Ohio until 21 days after she picked it up? Then she calls me when she gets to Ohio and says, "Do you know they ordered you a size 12?" Great! I am not a size 12 which means mass alterations. Which means expensive. Did I mention I found this all out on Saturday, you know the same Saturday that Mike got laid off just 2 days earlier? Yeah, great timing.

So, I'm still thinking, a 12, ok maybe it won't be too bad. Hahahahhahhahahahhahahah...sorry it's funny. I look at it & I think, I couldn't have worn this when I was 8 months pregnant with Callee. There is no way this is a 12.

I take it to get altered Tuesday, after I called the bride on Monday to double check that everyone had the correct dress & it wasn't just a mistake. Nope, sorry it's yours. Take it to get altered and the lady doing the alterations is chuckling & says, "I don't even know what to do with this. Why did they order you a 16?" A 16? A 16? No they ordered a 12. "No honey, it's right here on the tag it's a 16." She decides what to do, who knows if it'll even look like the same dress once she's done, but I was trying to go the cheapest route considering the dress cost $220.

Well, once they take the size 16 down to a size 4 and move the zipper and whatever else they have to do, alterations are going to cost $106.50 with tax! Happy Birthday to me. I am beyond upset. I will have $326 tied up into a dress for me to be a BRIDESMAID!!!!! My own wedding gown with alterations (I did find a really good deal, but still) was $350. $24 less to be a bridesmaid for my cousins fiancee I barely know. And people wonder why I say I will NEVER be in another wedding, not even my sisters.

Sorry for all the complaining it is just frustrating. The story will start on Monday so come back.


Katy said...

Oh Courtney, what a fiasco! So sorry that everything is hitting at once. I told you before that I am praying for you, but just wanted to remind you that I still am!

Shana W. said...

What a mess!!! I can see why she didn't know what to do with the dress since it was like 9 sizes to BIG! I hope that you can wear the dress again, like everyday for the next!

I hope that all goes smooth with the glasses. And I think that - numbers have something to do with the astigmatism.

AZMom said...

I would think that the store she got the dress in would have realized it was their error and not yours and had it altered a lot cheaper even if it meant sending it back. That salesperson is in the wrong..not you. I am sorry it is costing you so much just when you cannot afford it.

I can't wait to see Taylor's glasses. I am sure she will look very cute in them! Bug wears glasses for reading and I love them on her!

Andrea said...

Yikes...that's awful! Honestly, if I was supposed to be in the wedding and they ordered me the wrong size of dress and had to pay that much for alterations, etc., etc., etc. I'd probably back out and not be in the wedding after all!

I hope it all works out ok though - and on the bright side I bet Taylor will look really cute in glasses! :)

OHmommy said...

OMG... about the dress. My sister is getting married in a year. I had no idea at all the costs involved for a dress. Yikes!

Happy belated birthday Courtney.

Jess T said...

I really think the whole idea behind expensive BM dresses is ridiculous. I hated the ones worn by my girls were $80 each. To ask someone to spend $300+ is beyond rude, especially in this economy!

Sorry, I'm a little touch on this subject. Thankfully, just about everyone is married on my side. :)

Courtney said...

Thanks to all of you for not making me feel like a really mean person. After I talked to the bride nothing was settled. I am calling the bridal shop, but the wedding is 6/12 so I don't think I'll get anywhere with it, but I'm at least going to try.

Kathy said...

That dress deal is just awful, what a nightmare.
I think she'll look adorable in glasses.
Happy Belated Birthday! and quickly ducking so I don't get slapped ;-)

Angela said...

Happy belated birthday.
That is so crazy about the dress. They should have just given you the fabric

Hopefully all else goes smoothly