Friday, April 10, 2009

Days 3 & 4 - Florida vacation

So day 3 didn't start off so good. We were planning on going to Disney, but it called for showers over night, no big deal, right? rained from 1 a.m. - 1 p.m.

I thought it was ridiculous, but whatever we continued on to Disney in hopes that the rain would slow down & stop by the time we got there. Didn't happen. It stopped long enough for us to get our tickets & walk in & then the skies opened & rain started pouring down.Emily, Callee, Taylor & Jack waiting for my cousins to bring us our tickets they were picking up at the window.

We bought ponchos to put over the strollers as a shield for the kids & the adults put ponchos on. We saw Daisy Duck in a dry place so we stopped to get an autograph & then continued on.We then ran into the Fairy Godmother so we stopped to get her autograph (at this point the rain really slowed down) and continued on to find something to eat in hopes that when we were done the rain would stop.

This plan did work. By the time we were done eating the rain was pretty much gone so we headed over to ride Dumbo. Most of the wait to ride Dumbo had an awning over it so even though it was still drizzling, we didn't notice it a bit.

Taylor eating her Mickey rice crispy treat in line at Dumbo (don't waste your money...they were gross.)

Callee eating hers while waiting also.
By the time we got on Dumbo the rain stopped and the sun was starting to peak through the clouds.

Mike & Taylor ready for Dumbo to take off.

We rode It's a Small World watched Mickey's Philharmagic 3D movie (Callee wasn't too sure about everything flying at her, but was ok.) Taylor & I rode Splash Mountain & Mike & I took Taylor in the haunted mansion while my aunt kept an eye on Callee. We did a little shopping & took pictures in front of Cinderella's castle:

We dropped by Minnie's house unannounced & had a look around. We took pictures and then went to see the fairies.

All of the fairy pictures are on my facebook account so if you are my friend there you can see them, but I probably won't post any pics here. This was by far the highlight of the day for Taylor. She loves Tinkerbell. Her room is Tinkerbell, she is having a Tinkerbell birthday party & everything she wants & asks for is Tinkerbell. Well, dreams do come true because she got to meet "the real, live Tinkerbell!!!" As soon as we were done in Pixie Hollow she said, "Mom, give me your cell phone." I asked her why & she said that she had to call Aunt Lacey & tell her she met the real, live Tinkerbell because she'd be so jealous. I dialed & she called. Lacey has loved Tinkerbell from a very young age so it is definitely something her & Taylor talk about often.

Pixie Hollow was definitely not the high point of the day for Callee (or should I say waiting to go into Pixie Hollow wasn't the greatest for her.) We had to wait in line for an hour to see the fairies & Mike was letting the girls climb on him to keep them from getting bored & mad. By this point it was 5:30 so crankiness & irritability had set in & we were trying to keep this a special time for Taylor. Callee was climbing on Mike's back & he lost his balance & fell into the wall behind him pinning Callee between him & the wall. At first I thought he put her through the wall. She cried & I held her for about 20 more minutes until she calmed down. I put her down & Mike started playing with her again & this time he lifted her up to put her on his shoulders except we were in a low ceiling spot. He almost put her head through the ceiling. Needless to say I held her most of the rest of the way through the line. She was fine once we got into Pixie Hollow & she had a great time meeting the fairies too.

We had dinner, rode a baby roller coaster that Callee hated, shopped some more & then headed for Main St to watch the parade. When the parade was over we ran people over with our strollers to get outta there quick & miss the traffic (fireworks were to follow in about 20 minutes.) We got on the monorail to go back to our car & watched the fireworks through the monorails windows. We made it back to our car & missed the traffic & made it back to my cousins house by 11 p.m.

Day 4 we lounged around my cousins house most of the day, packed our stuff then went to lunch. Mike & Taylor took a nap before we left & before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport. We will see my cousin & her family in June when another one of my cousins is getting married. The girls can't wait because they really had a blast with Jack & Emily.

When we were getting ready to board the plane (we were on the ramp to get on) & the girls both turned around to say something. The pilot happened to be standing behind me & said, "Oh I am lucky to be on this flight, I didn't know it was the flight of pretty girls." Then he asked them if they wanted to see how to fly the plane & of course they jumped all over that, but not before Taylor ran her mouth about how she all ready knows how to because it is probably just like driving a car & she drives my car all the time. She said she steals it at night while I'm sleeping. Yea, that's my bratty

So here are the final pictures while we were on our way home.

"Flying" the plane....just another day in the life of Taylor & Callee.Taylor on the plane...I'm pretty sure exhaustion had set in by then, hence the goofy face. Trying to keep Callee occupied so the idiot in front of her quit giving me dirty looks. Yes I was a little irritated by it....don't sit in front of a 2 year old when there are no assigned seats & there are about 75 open seats on the plane if you want to give dirty looks when she bumps your seat.

There is our vacation for you. I have been working on this post for 5 days & keep running out of time to finish it so I apologize for the long delay. Works been crazy busy which helps the day go fast so I can't complain too much. Hopefully I'll be blogging regularly again soon....until then....I hope you and your families have a Happy Easter!

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