Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sadly, it was relaxing

So our weekend was pretty busy with the exception of Sunday, but it was still relaxing to me.

Friday night we went shopping for Taylor because she needed winter clothes and we also got winter coats for both the girls. Callee had some gift cards that she hadn't used from her birthday so I asked her what she wanted to buy. Her answer: SHOES! So she got some new tennis shoes for winter that are a size bigger than her current ones. That child is so funny with her love for shoes. She wears anyone and every one's shoes around the house, if you take them off they are fair game for Callee to decide to wear. In the winter she will steal my moms slippers right off her feet to wear!

Saturday we got up and DJ (Taylor's boyfriend) and his girlfriend stopped over since they were home from Virginia and Taylor was going camping that afternoon. I went grocery shopping and to get a few other things we needed before our company started to arrive. Callee loved DJ's girlfriend and when I went to lay her down for her nap she threw a fit. I told her if she ever wanted to move to Ohio and needed a job and a place to stay we would hire her as a live in nanny (kill two birds with one stone!)

We (well Mike, I was out doing the last minute shopping) watched Ohio State beat Youngstown State, but not before Beanie Wells got hurt. Sad I tell ya. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love college football? Well it will be a couple of months of blogging about the buckeyes so get used to it!

After a trip that should have taken a little over an hour took 3 hours, our first guest arrived. She is from southern Ohio and it takes her a little over 5 hours to get here, but she stopped at her cousins house in Cleveland first and got lost from there to here. We had some lunch and then chatted the afternoon away before heading to my moms to visit. J was my roommate my freshman year of college and came home on weekends with me often since she couldn't go home too often. She wanted to make sure she saw my mom while she was here.

That evening we headed to Olive Garden for dinner and then we had to go out to the campgrounds. When my dad came to pick Taylor up she must have been really excited because she left her sleeping bag and pillow at home, as well as, her toothbrush. She basically had her clothes only, who needs anything else, right? We hung out there for a little while and then Mike called to tell me he was on his way home so we left to go meet him at home.

We watched a little TV and then went to bed. It was a tiring and fun day and I was beat. I am going to stop here and just post the other two days tomorrow because this post could be about 10 pages long if I don't.

Remember that post where I forgot my camera when we went to my aunt's lake for a picnic? Well my cousin finally e-mailed me the pictures. Here are a few from that day.

Me and one of my cousins on the four wheeler:

Taylor and I in the tube, she is waving to my parents and aunt who were on the bank:My cousin N, her daughter S and Callee all tubing together. Callee had a great time:The rest of my weekend tomorrow. (I seriously just had to fix that because I typed yesterday instead of tomorrow. Yikes! And to think I am feeling well rested.)


Cheffie-Mom said...

What fun pictures! Looks like you both had a blast!

KC said...

HI Courtney.. sounds like you had a fun weekend well what I have read of it LOL.. just too much to type in one post.
I thought you haven't been blogging for a bit.. I read though bloglines(as you know) and for somereason your Quiet Chaos went missing from my bloglines.. I tried to add it back in after seeing your comment today and it won't let me, said you don't have Rss feed or something for your blog.. So I'm just going to have to remember to stop here without the help of bloglines letting me know when you have a new post.. unless you can figure out what your Rss stuff is LOL..

My Wonderful Men said...

Busy but relaxing is how it always is. Sounds like you had a good weekend.

Fun pictures!