Monday, July 21, 2008

Why do weekends fly by?

This weekend was another great one. I was so sad when it was Monday because we just had an incredible weekend.

Friday night when I got home from work I packed the girls' stuff to go camping. My dad, Mike and I were going with CJ, Casia, Taylor and Callee. Callee and I then headed out to do the grocery shopping for the trip while Mike and Taylor headed out to the campgrounds. We took two cars because we still weren't sure if Callee would stay or not. Luckily we did because by 11:30 she still wasn't sleeping so I loaded her up and took her home.

Saturday when we woke up we headed back out to the campgrounds for some swimming and swinging. I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked, but here are a few.

First they lounged on a "raft" that my dad pulled them around on.Then they did a little swimming.
The two little specs are CJ and Taylor. Over to the left is my dad. He helped them swim to the island.

Callee loved playing in the sand.

She liked it even more when CJ joined her.

Mike paddle boating with CJ, Casia and Taylor. His legs were sore when they got back.
Callee thinks she's tough walking over to the swings.
We got burnt because I forgot sunscreen (only Callee and I got burnt, but it didn't really bother either of us. It sure did look painful though.)
Overall we had a great time.
Sunday we went to my aunt's lake for a picnic. We ate, rode four wheelers, swam and went tubing. Others knee boarded and water skied, but not us. I forgot my camera at home so I don't have any pictures, but my cousin took a ton of us tubing and is supposed to be e-mailing them to me. She takes though so I'll share them as soon as I get them (in 6 months.)
Enjoy the rest of your week.


AZMom said...

That looks like a ton of fun! We have not been camping this year yet. I am hoping to go once it cools off in the mountains a bit. :-)

Shana said...

I love hearing about your camping trips. I have never been camping. Josh is not an!

Mimi's Toes said...

That looked like so much fun, except for the sunburn...ouch!

Angela said...

That sounds like you had such a great trip.

Camping is fun but it is good to be close enough to home if you need to go


My Wonderful Men said...

Ouch! poor baby. Sounds like a great weekend.

How come you didn't invite me???