Friday, August 15, 2008

It's crazy hair day!

Today is crazy hair day at the girls' daycare. Taylor couldn't wait for Friday for this reason and was so excited to have her hair done. This is what we came up with for her: To me, she looks like she belongs in a Dr. Seuss book, perhaps in whoville. Maybe it's just me, but she still looks cute and can you see the excitement on her face?

Callee wouldn't sit still for that long so we came up with this little do for her. I don't think it is so crazy as much as it is cute. She seemed to like it and walked around this morning pointing at her hair saying "crazy!"

Here is a picture of Taylor's bruise now that it is fading. You can imagine what it did look like and why I was so upset. Things have gotten a little better and she opens up every evening to me about her day. She used to only tell me the good things, but now she is venting too which makes me happy on so many different levels. She seems to be much happier in the process too.

Happy Friday to all! I hope you all enjoy your weekend, crazy hair or not!


My Wonderful Men said...

I love the hair so cute on both the girls!
Glad to see you took a picture of the bruise. I would be out of my mind.
Have a great weekend!

Mimi's Toes said...

Oh, how sweet! Love the hair-do's. That is a mean looking bruise. Poor little girl. I am glad things are better. I can't believe at that age someone could cause such a bruise. I know it had to really upset you. They are just darling little girls..

AZMom said...

Their hair is too cute! Owies on that bruise! I'm glad she is talking to you! Keep encouraging that because as they get to my kid's ages, it is soo important!

Have a great weekend!

Katy said...

They look ADORABLE--you're right, too, they look like little Whos from Dr. Seuss. :-) I just caught up on your blog for the week, and my heart broke for Taylor when I read the nail polish story. I'm so sorry--nothing hurts worse than seeing your kids get hurt, whether physically or emotionally. It sounds like you handled it well, and I hope that she is able to make some really good friendships with OTHER kids there.

Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

Crazy hair sounds awesome.

It is good that she is talking to you now you have to hope that continues through her teens