Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The story of Peaches

There once was a boy named Herman.

He grew up, got married and his name changed to dad. He raised his kids and they became parents.

His name then changed again to Pappy. He had many grandchildren and quite a few were granddaughters who all became known as Pappy's peaches.

His grandkids grew up and had kids of their own. He now has quite a few great grandchildren (and they are all great) some of which are great granddaughters. These great granddaughters have now become known as Pappy's peaches too.

Then one day there was a great granddaughter that went against the grain. She didn't like being called Pappy's peaches. Pappy's first love was to aggitate children until they were crying, it was something he was good at and he thrived off of it; I think it was his reason for getting up some mornings. Everytime this beautiful child would say, "I'm not a peaches!" he would bark back, "Yes you are, you are my peaches!" This beautiful child was also brilliant. She never got too upset and never let him see her cry. One day as this great debate was going on she stopped and said, "I'm not your peaches, you are my peaches."

From that day forward he has been known as peaches thanks to a beautiful, brilliant 2.5 year old named Taylor.

We went to the nursing home last night and had cake and pizza with my family for peaches' birthday. He is really starting to look bad, but surprisingly last night he looked really well. I hope to have a few more birthdays with him and if the way he looked last night is any clue to whether we will or not, I'm sure we will. It was definitely a memory that will be locked away for safe keeping for a long time!


Suzie said...

Thats such a sweet story. It's so hard to see the ones we love get older.

AZMom said...

Oh my gosh I have tears in my eyes. That is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have your Peaches for a few more years too!

Shana said...

I was tearing up too! :o) I lost both of my grandpa's in 2000, I miss them sooo much. Here is wishing your grandpa a very happy d-day!

Kellan said...

I loved this story about Peaches and I'm glad you had a good night with him - I hope there are many more to come. Kellan

Cheffie-Mom said...

This is the sweetest post I have read today. Happy Birthday Peaches!

Angela said...

Two year olds just know everything.
I bet he felt so special.

Glad you made a good memory

My Wonderful Men said...

How sweet to spend the evening with him! Happy Birthday Peaches!