Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend in pictures

This weekend Taylor went camping with my dad again. When she came home Sunday morning, we got her bathed and ready to go because it was time for Mike's family reunion. We had a lot of fun, but it was exhausting. The weather was beautiful and the sun beat down on us most of the day. Everyone slept really well last night.

We visited with other family members and their pets. Here is Callee in one of the dogs faces. She loved this dog.
We sat and relaxed on coolers.

We chased each other through mulch and around trees.

But this is where we spent most of our day. The playground had so much for them to do and Callee loves to "wing" (swing for those of you that don't speak Callee-ese!)
We climbed stairs all by ourselves.

We slid down slides.

Then we climbed rock walls and yes Callee did this too.

Then when we had had enough we took a rest in the grass!

Overall it was a good time. I think we were all exhausted by the end of the day. Taylor was so tired that she fell out of her bed (the first time ever) and didn't even wake up. We went up to check on her and she was on the floor sound asleep. She was beat. I think tonight will be another early night because I'm pretty sure they would have slept until 10 today if we would have let them.
One other thing. How do you get a child to go on the potty that just doesn't want to do it, but can? Callee will tell me she has to go and then quickly pee in her pull up before we get to the toilet and this morning she told me she had to go while we were in the bathroom so I took off her diaper and before I sat her on the toilet she peed on my floor. This is so frustrating to me. Taylor pretty much trained herself and Callee is just not willing to go even though she can tell me when she has to. Any suggestions from any veteran moms?


Suzie said...

You cant rush potty training. It doesnt work. You have to wait until they are ready. That said we got a sesame street potty thing that has stickers and stuff to help move our son along. Worked like a dream but it took a long long time.

Courtney said...

I know you can't rush it, but I guess I just wish she wouldn't even tell me then. Why tell me you have to go if you're not going to go on the potty anyways? Don't announce it until you are willing to sit and go!

Angela said...

Gregory who will be three next month can hold it and if I take him to the potty he will go, but he never asks to go. So, if I forget to take him he has an accident. I just wish he would announce that he has to go.

Your situation and mine are both frustrating.
Good luck to the both of us.

Kellan said...

What a fun day and what cute pictures!

I had to stop using pull-ups. I found, with my kids, that it was like a crutch and once we got rid of them (still some accidents), they began to make sure they'd go to the potty. I still used them at nights, but only for a while, because the same thing started happening - they became too dependent on the pull-ups. I think they see the pull-up just the same as they see diapers. They don't see them any differently. They are nice to have when you need them - on trips/sleep overs at other people's houses, etc. Good luck!

Take care and have a good day - Kellan

AZMom said...

It looks like a lot of fun times this weekend!!

As for the potty training, you can do one of 2 things, put her on the pot every hour and see if she will go or put her in regular underwear (the thick kind you can get at WalMart) and let her pee her pants a few times. I would guess she will not like it.

The problem with pull ups is that they still wick the urine away from their skin so they don't feel wet. Regular underwear will not do that.

Good luck!

My Wonderful Men said...

Looks like a busy but fun weekend.
As for the potty training, get rid of the pull-ups use the regular panties. Yes, bigger mess if there is an accident but pull-ups are just like a diaper they don't learn from them. Plus you can't rush it. Have you tried rewards?