Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What should I do with Taylor?

I picked the girls up from daycare a little early yesterday because I had a meeting with my lawyer that got out earlier than I anticipated. I thought we would have a little extra time together to play and just spend time together (we rarely get to do this during the week.) On our way home Taylor asks me if Miss S (one of her favorite teachers) talked to me today. I told her she hadn't and asked why. Taylor's response was, "She told me she was going to talk to you today about me not listening to her." Now remember when she lied about being bad before? Of course I didn't quite believe her since this is one of her favorite teachers, but by no means do I think my kids are perfect angels so I didn't totally blow her off either. I explained to her that I was going to call Miss S and if Taylor was lying she was going to get in big trouble for lying. I gave her one more chance to tell me the truth if she was lying and she again told me that she had been being bad. So of course I immediately call Miss S who says that yes Taylor has had a listening problem. To the point where she tells Taylor she needs to come back in the room 3 & 4 times and Taylor still doesn't so Miss S has to go out into the hall and physically bring her back into the room. Once in there she stays, but what is with the not listening? I asked her if she was good for Miss C (she is the teacher in the morning and most of the afternoon) and she said yes, she was just bad for Miss S.

So of course this morning I pull Miss C aside and my aunt who runs the daycare and ask Miss C if she too is having problems with Taylor. She assures me that she does not and that Miss S is having problems with a lot of the kids since it is a blended romm in the afternoons. She thinks Taylor isn't getting enough attention from Miss S who is constantly disciplining the older kids for hitting someone or taking toys, etc. and that Taylor sees that that's how they get attention. So Miss C, my aunt and I all took Taylor aside to explain to her that is not the way to get attention and that is not the attention she wants. My aunt told her to tell Miss S when she wants attention and to tell Miss S that she needs her aunt. My aunt said she would smother her with love, hugs and kisses, but only if she doesn't act up for Miss S anymore. Hopefully it will be under control now and after talking with them I think it will be. I guess I should be grateful because Miss S has 4 kids who get physically violent with her. At least Taylor isn't hitting her, spitting on her or kicking her.

In the meantime Taylor has to go to bed one hour early the rest of the week and is not aloud to watch TV until Sunday. If her behavior continues she will have toys taken off of her also and different things that I haven't come up with yet. If that time comes I'm going to need all the veteran parents input. Is this normal? I knew she was going to learn some bad behaviors at daycare, but I'm concerned about her interest in being labeled the "bad kid."

Here is a picture of her haircut from Saturday. We got it cut shorter this time with all the heat and our no AC situation, I thought it would be cooler for her this way.



MandyPoo said...

Her new haircut is very cute! And sorry...I have no veteran parenting advice since my son is only 6 months old. I plan to just watch what all my friends are doing and hope it works for me, lol!!!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh she is pretty dang cute with that new cut!

Kellan said...

Your kids have the best hair and that hair cut is adorable on her!

I think it's probably like they told you - the blended class has Taylor all confused or trying to push the boundaries because of the chaos. Some of it is probably not her fault at all and maybe the teacher is just not controlling the class like she should be. I wouldn't be too hard on her - she at least told you that she was in trouble -that's big. It's good to keep her in line, though - I'm all for that - letting her know your expectations and all. I punish my kids when they mishave for other people and I make them go back and apologize to the teacher or write a note saying they are sorry and will try to improve.

Good luck - she's a doll. Kellan

Shana said...

Taylors hair looks really cute!

And as far as the problem, each child responds to different things. I have learned this all to well with my three. What worked for Caleb doesn't work for Brayden. But Courtney the one thing that does seem to work is consistency and following through with what you say. I hope that this helps. :o)

AZMom said...

I think her haircut is adorable! Bummer about the no AC.

As for her behavior, 4 is a rough age. We had a lot of parent teacher conferences with busy boy's preschool teacher when he was 4. They are testing the waters to see what they can and cannot get away with. And yes, she is vying for attention. BB was the same way.

The best thing you can do is exactly what you are doing. Make sure she understands that you and Mrs S talk and that you know what is going on. The fact that Taylor tells you means she knows she is in the wrong.

Hang in there!!

my wonderful men... said...

I love the hair cut, really cute and she is too cute no matter how you do her hair.

I agree with Kellan, she said it well.

Hang in there girl.

Kathy said...

Beautiful haircut on a beautiful child. She looks like such a sweetheart. I am impressed that she told you about acting up. I hope you will always have such a good relationship with your girls.