Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gotta love these girls

Yesterday went a little smoother at daycare. Taylor still didn't listen all the way, but she is a work in progress. Hopefully she improves a little every day. Being a parent can be so trying. I am doing the best I can with them and it never feels like it is enough. I am taking them to get something to eat after daycare and then we have some shopping to do. Taylor mentioned yesterday that she wants to go see her dad at work so we may go out there to visit him on his lunch if we have all ready had baths. I am hoping to do this and also hoping that it will help her behavior improve. Mike is at the end of his quarter and all of his final projects have to be turned in next week. This has taken a lot of time away from our normal family weekends the last couple of weeks so maybe she just needs her dad and maybe I'll be able to help her with that tonight. I'm also hoping to get a little coloring in with them and maybe some dress up play.

Speaking of dress up play, Taylor got a Disney trunk full of clothes, shoes, accessories for Christmas and it's a lot of fun for the girls. They will play for hours with the "treasures" they find in there. Callee is really just recently coming to appreciate dress up and as soon as we walk through the door is looking for the trunk of goodies. The last few nights we have had a hard time getting both the girls to go to bed and then getting them to stay in their own beds all night is another challenge. Callee cried in her room for about 30 minutes when I put her to bed last night, but I refused to get her out of her bed. I could hear her knocking on the inside of her door and calling for me, but I still wouldn't go get her. About 30 minutes after I put her in there she finally quieted down. I have no idea what time she fell asleep because when I got up this morning her pillow, blanket and puppy that she sleeps with were all on the air mattress in her room that we set up for Taylor. In addition to this, one of the dress up skirts from the trunk was on her, she had slept in it! She also had to wear that "belt" (as she calls it) over her clothes to daycare today. She is such a silly monkey, but life is too short to tell her she can't wear it.

Her imagination and vocabulary are really blossoming. Mike cannot believe it's the same child every weekend because she seriously learns about 3 - 5 new words a week. She is putting 3 - 7 words together to form sentences now too. Her imagination amazes me. She is so good at "mothering" her babies. They are always getting fed, rocked, held or being put to bed, but only for about 5 minutes. With a mom like that, those babies never get any rest. She is such a sweet child (when she wants to be) and I am amazed with her daily. If I could have kept both of my kids 1 1/2 - 2 forever I would. This, to me, is the best age. They learn so many new things and it is really just a joy to watch them play and interact with other people.

I just wanted to document this time in Callee's life. Sorry if I bored you, but my baby is growing and changing so fast right now that I wanted to get it all down before I forgot. Have a great Thursday (this week is almost over!)
EDITED: I forgot to add that Callee loves her mother just a little bit. Whenever we go anywhere she is stuck to me. She wraps her little legs around my waist and holds on for dear life just like a baby monkey (the nickname, ya know!?) While we were at the open house this past weekend she was stuck to me (mind you it was about 95 degrees and 100% humidity...yuck!) My boss comes in yesterday and says, "So Callee likes you, huh?" I responded with a simple yes. So then he tells me that I should just change her name to Velcro! Okay so it is that bad, I should probably try to break her of that.


Courtney said...

Blogger is pissing me off! The spacing is messed up and I wanted a dbl space before the edited paragraph and it isn't letting me. Even is I go down about 5 lines. Sorry about the crappy set up of this post, it's not me, honestly.

Kellan said...

Alexis and my niece love the dress-up trunk we have too! I love hearing about your darling girls and ... you are a GREAT mom and doing a fantastic job. It's not easy - that's for sure.

Have a good day, Courtney - see you - Kellan

my wonderful men... said...

Post all you want about your girls, it's not boring.

And don't be so hard on yourself, parenting is the hardest job you'll ever have.