Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A little of this and a little of that

So you want an update on my new look? I just e-mailed her some pics of my kids I'd like to use as well as other pics that may or may not go. We'll see what happens. I have picked my colors that I want so I am just waiting to see what she comes up with because I have zero creative juices.

As for a new name? I thought of one that I am going to go with. I had three in mind and decided on the third one. I can tell you that the first two were Courtney's chaos and Stevens scribblings. I decided not to use either one of those though. The name I have come up with I have not seen before, at least I hope not and I like it. You all will have to wait for the unveiling of the new design and such to know what it is...sorry!!!

Jen commented on yesterday's post about how she'd love to see the girls in their matching outfits except I didn't take any pics of them together in their matching outfits. Woops!!! I am going to dress them in them this weekend to take mock pictures because I really want them so I'll post some next week. I will post these pictures of this weekend though:
Daddy and Callee hugging.Taylor and Casia looking as rotten as ever.Taylor's goofy smile.My flower.


girlymom said...

Oh the suspense!

Cute pictures from the weekend. I took lots of pictures of the three oldest girls, the baby was eating, then when I added her into the pictures, nobody wanted to smile, or even look in my direction. SO I have great pictures of the three and then great pictures of the one, but no GREAT picture of all 4. Maybe next year!

MandyPoo said...

I can't wait to see your new site!!!

One Scrappy Chicklet said...

Can't wait to see the makeover. Love Taylors smile. So do you know yet when the new site will be up? The suspense is killing us.

Thanks for the bday wishes for the D~man


AZMom said...

Can't wait to see the pics and also can't wait to see what you have decided to name your new blog! I am sooo jealous!

Jen said...

Lots to look forward to!

Angela said...

I also have put Gregory back in clothes the day after because I forgot to get a picture the day of.
Picture memories are great even if I have trouble seeing them.

HRH said...

Waiting, waiting, waiting!