Monday, March 24, 2008

weekend wrap up - Easter

Our Easter weekend was really good and yet really busy! We had 2 bowling birthday parties on Saturday that kept us pretty busy. Amazingly enough, both of our girls bowled and Callee came in second of the 4 people she was bowling with. I, of course, forgot my camera so I have no cute pictures unless someone e-mails me theirs, which they should be.

Easter Sunday we dressed the girls in their matching outfits and headed to church. Taylor was in a program there, which was really cute. We left church with one extra kid (my niece) and headed home to lay Callee down for a nap before heading to my parents house for lunch. Callee has managed to catch a cold so after we were done eating, Callee was a very clingy baby. I must confess there are times when I love that she is clingy and wants me and then other times I want to scream. Yesterday was such a laid back day that it didn't bother me one bit and we sat and snuggled the remainder of the day.

Callee's cold has really affected her sleeping. She is very stuffed up and can't breathe out her nose and yet she still has to have that stupid pacifier in her mouth at all times. She hasn't been sleeping well for the past two weeks now because of the flu and then the change to daycare and now this. Any ideas on how to get her nose to clear out so she sleeps better? Gotta love daycare.


HRH said...

Oh so sorry. Sounds like bowling was fun. We went bowling last week while Ryan was on spring break. The boys had a grand time. It is really fun with the bumpers...of course, my score is always lower because I don't use them...ugh.

Jen said...

I would love to see pictures of them in their matching outfits!

Happy Easter!

Angela said...

Yes the snuggles are lovely aren't they.
I have a humidifier in Gregory's room. The back part makes the vapor and the front part is a fish tank with plastic fish that swim around because of bubbles. It has helped my son I think.
My son was with me full time for two years and only sick twice. Then I went to work and he has been sick ever since.

Hope she gets feeling better soon

Shana said...

Andrew too has gone from teething (top), to the flu, to a cold, to teething (bottom)! I understand how you feel. The clingy baby thing was getting to me after awhile too. :o)

Jess T said...

I wanna go bowling!

AZMom said...

Glad to hear the bowling went well but sorry to hear Callee is still sick! I've heard warm steam water will drain their sinus's but I don't know if she would let you hold her head over a steamy sink! Good luck and I hope she gets well soon!

KC said...

sounds like a nice Easter.. Hope Callie is feeling better..Little Man is sick.. we are still at my sisters in TX and He has been sick and clingy for two days now.. fever and a nasty cold.. UGH.. today was 85 here in TX and we were at the zoo and He was in my arms with his head on my shoulder 95% of the time.. not very fun for mom.. but when we got back home I didn't mind holding him the rest of the night.