Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kids say the darnest things

Taylor is very much into playing dress up right now. She's at that age and to help her along a little more, Mike's aunt bought her a 45 piece dress up chest complete with earrings, dresses, rings, shoes and crowns for Christmas. I thought it was the cutest thing until I read the 45 pieces and imagined these 45 pieces strewn about my house. I must say she has really kept up her end of the deal and picked up every piece when she is done and it doesn't hurt that it is kept in her room to keep Callee's grubby little hands off of it.

I am standing in the kitchen last night making dinner and I asked her to hand me a paper towel that she was standing next to so I could clean up the mess I had just made and as she hands it to me she says, "Here you go my majesty." I asked her where she heard this and she informed me when her and my niece play dress up, my niece makes her call her that. At least she didn't make me say it to her I guess. Later that night, she called me your royal heiness. I'm guessing that is another term used to describe my niece while playing dress up. I'm tempted to tell Taylor to call her a royal hind ass instead, but that wouldn't be very nice so as long as Taylor is okay with being the help only (kind of like Cinderella) and nothing royal or majestical than so am I.


my wonderful men... said...

You can look at it like the Cinderella story I guess. Because
she'll be the one who marries the Prince if she's Cinderella and that's a good thing!

Kellan said...

A "royal hind ass" - ACK! I loved this - so cute, this post. Take care. Kellan

KC said...


KC said...

Stop over by my blog, there is a new award waiting for you.