Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another Doctor appointment

Callee went back to the doctor today. She didn't have a fever when she got up or while she was at the doctor so that is a good sign, but last night right before I put her to bed her eye was really swollen. When she got up this morning it was pasted shut and still really swollen. When I got it open, it was extremely pink. Not a good sign so I had Mike take her back to the doctor and we finally got to the root of the problem. That nasty cough she has, the runny nose, the pink eye, the continuous fever...all from a terrible sinus infection. At least there is nothing really wrong with her, but I've had some pretty bad sinus infections and I know how bad my head hurts so I can only imagine what my poor baby has been feeling these past couple of weeks. It is definitely relief though!

I just wanted to give anybody interested a quick update and hopefully tomorrow I will have my weirdo meme up. I get to tag 7 of you so beware!!!

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