Monday, January 7, 2008

Doctors, Doctors everywhere

Everyone in my house has been to a doctor either Friday or today for various reasons. Taylor and Callee had to go back because Thursday night Taylor got up complaining that her ear hurt and had a fever and Callee has been continuously playing with her ear and has never gotten rid of her fever. I took them in and he said Taylor's ear is retracted which is why it hurts and she has a virus and Callee still has fluid on her ear, but no infection and has some sort of virus, but that is a long time to have a fever so if it didn't break this weekend, take her back in and have some blood work done. Her fever didn't break, but it hasn't been as high as what it was so I think I'll give it one more day. I hate to feel like I am overreacting to things and wasting time and money. It's days like this that I hate being a mother. I will feel totally stupid if it is nothing, but if it is something, I'll feel guilty for waiting. I hate it!

Anyways, Mike went to the eye doctor to find out why he still can't see. He was born with cataracts and had surgery to remove them 4 years ago. His vision in his left eye really improved, but he still can't see out of his right eye. He almost didn't get to renew his license because he failed the vision test with his right eye. He is only 26 years old so he really needs his license to go to work and stuff, but it wasn't safe for other drivers or him taking our kids places. He has been avoiding going to the doctor because he is afraid he'll tell them he needs surgery again and he thinks we can't afford it. This is incorrect for two reasons: 1) I do the checkbook so he doesn't have a clue how much money we do/don't have and 2) You can't put a price tag on eyes. He went to the doctor and he did a simple little laser surgery which still allowed him to go to work that afternoon. Apparently, scar tissue had grown over his eye. His left eye had some so he'll go have that removed this Friday and the right one was really bad so he did that one on this past Friday. Mike says he can see so much better and clearer. Let's just hope he still finds me attractive and doesn't go file for divorce (just kidding).

I had to go back to my knee surgeon today. I go every few months just to check on progression and see what the next course of action is. This time, he told me all the swelling from the first surgery (17 months ago) is gone and things look pretty good. I have been feeling very good so I was glad to hear this. I don't have to go back until I can't take the pain anymore and feel like I'll need another surgery. Let's hope that won't be for a long time.

There is the update on my family. Nothing really exciting to write about.


my wonderful men... said...

Wow! I hope everyone is healed soon. I will keep ou all in prayer.

Laura said...

You are not, not, NOT overreacting Courtney. You are being an awesome mom. I thought I was being ridiculous by bringing Nik back and forth and also she was guilty of Crying Wolf so many times, I really felt stupid taking her in. And then they found the infection, that would have killed her or left her infertile. You are taking wonderful care of your kids and doctors would rather take care of a small infection than deal with a larger one. Yay for being such a good mom. And I can't wait to read about your weirdness. ;)

Kellan said...

Good to hear that your husbands eye issue can be fixed with a relatively simple procedure. Sorry the girls aren't feeling well - I hope they are feeling a lot better soon. I have been having problems with my knee and I think it's time for me to go see the doctor. Take care. Kellan

KC said...

wow how scary about DH and his eyes.. I'm glad the doctor was able to help him right away. LOL about him leaving you.. that was funny.. I'm watching the game and blogging at the same time.. with the way this OSU game is going I bet DH wish he couldn't see.. WOOHOO.. I spoke to soon we just scored again.. still 31 to 16 at the moment though. :( OH WAIT.. well doesn't that just suck they didn't give it too them... shoot. OHHHHH good.. Ok they just got it ok back to the 16 points.. My heart was raceing there for a second. LOL extra point good also.. Still we need alot more.

Sorry the girls are still sick.. I haven't got to post yet.. but Little Man was sick on New Years eve took him in and it was and ear infection. his recheck was today and it still isn't better.. and now I'm sick and the two older kids are also.. UGH..

Glad your knee is doing better.

Hope everyone is better soon.

Jess T said...

I'm with you on hating the "should I/shouldn't I go to the dr" debate. I don't want to push the big red panic button at every sniffle, but one time I waited and Syd had a double ear infection. I felt just awful! Thankfully she is older now and can tell me when something hurts. It makes the debate a bit easier.

Congrats on the knee. That sounds like good news.