Friday, November 2, 2007


I live for Friday's. I love everything about them. It is the start of the weekend and morale is up in the office because everyone is excited for the weekend. It is my last day of the week and I am going to visit my friend Angie because her mom is in town and hasn't seen the kids for a while and let me tell you, she isn't happy with me! I figure she'll get over it when she sees their beautiful smiling faces and they turn into the terrors they are, she'll be begging me to take them!

It's the start to another "too short" weekend and I love everything that surrounds this day. I feel relieved to know that I can catch up on sleep (which rarely happens) and we get to be a family again instead of trying to catch each other as we are coming and going.

This weekend is especially nice because my husband and I, along with most of his family, get to have a date afternoon. We have tickets to go to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra in concert and we chose not to take either of the girls. We were going to take Taylor and then right before we bought the tickets we decided not to. I'm sure I'll regret it because I usually do when I go back and forth, but I know I won't regret not taking Callee because I know she wouldn't sit still.

It should be an interesting weekend because we get to do that and my mom is watching the girls and they love spending time over there without Mike and I. I think they feel grown up or something because if we say you are going to grandma's, Taylor will ask with or without you guys? If the answer is without us, she gets so excited. Now that I just typed that out, it's probably because my parents let them get away with murder!

Mystery solved, but I hope everyone else has a great weekend and I also hope it doesn't go too fast. I need a nice long weekend for a change.


Kathy said...

Greetings! I experienced the T.S. Orchestra 2 years ago. Wonderful! I think you will enjoy it more with the adults or older kids. I think maybe it is 'too much' for the younger ones. Have a great time!

My Wonderful Men... said...

Have a great weekend!

MrsGrumpy said...

I hope you enjoy your time together. I lived for those moments.

Kellan said...

It sounds wonderful - have a great time. See you soon.

Shana said...

Hope your week-end was NICE and LONG! Mine went to fast, even with that extra hour. :o)