Thursday, November 1, 2007

A post of pictures

My mother's house was raided by grand kids last night. My sister and I have always met at my mom's to take the kids trick or treating together and last night was no different. My poor mom though, her house was trashed in the first 10 minutes, but what a trooper she is. She never complains of the messes they make she just says, "Don't take pictures, I don't want people to think this is what my house looks like all the time!" So, here is the disclaimer, anywhere my kids go there will be a mess. No body's houses are usually messy, we just happen to be there.

Taylor in her Care Bear costume. She didn't like the hood on so she's trying to take it off. Callee in her monkey costume. What else was she supposed to be? She is a monkey! Callee and daddy. He was trying to get her to stand so I could get the whole costume. I wanted to get the back too cuz she had the cutest tail, but that wasn't happening.

My niece as a cheerleader. Taylor in the background trying to get her hood back on cuz I told her she better leave it on.
My nephew. There are actual pictures of him below, but he just loved this picture. Something about mysterious?
And here the agony begins. I could not get a good picture of them. My nephew does think he is a rock star though. Taylor, again, doesn't have her hood up and where is Callee?
Callee is trying to make a break for it and I think my niece was the only one ready for that picture. Oops.

Taylor eating pizza after trick or treat. Her and CJ quit early so they ate and got bathed while we waited for Casia and Callee to come back.
He is a goofy child, but I love him.
He thinks he's sexy or something. I don't think he realizes he's only 7. He was talking about his girlfriend at school. When did he grow up?

Overall it was a good night. Now I can't wait for the weekend!


Kellan said...

Great pictures - such cute kids. Have a good day of recovery. See ya.

Kathy said...

Your Mom's house looks great! Especially since it is filled with such cute grandkids! Back when, I could never decide if it was more fun taking my kids out to the houses, or if it was better to stay home handing out goodies and seeing all the cute kids. Hmm, maybe it depended on the weather. I am glad you had a good night.

KC said...

Looks like a good time was had by all.
LOL about the group shots.. Looks like the pictures i posted yesterday in my wordless wednesday post about me trying to get the group shot.
They all look so cute in there costumes.
glad every one had fun

My Wonderful Men... said...

All the kids looked so cute! I hope everyone got a lot of candy and your mom's house is still standing. lol