Monday, October 22, 2007

The weekend and the game

Here is a picture of script Ohio. If you don't know what that is look it up!

This weekend we went to the Ohio State game. Neither Mike or I had been to an Ohio State game or a football game for that matter, so when an opportunity arose to go, we definitely were game. We left Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and didn't get back until a little after midnight. Despite the long day, we had a great time and it didn't hurt that OSU won, although at the end, I was a little nervous with one interception returned for a touchdown and one fumble returned for a touchdown also.

When you spend six hours in a car with someone, you tend to talk to make the drive not drag out and that is exactly what we did, talked, a lot! I have begun noticing lately that every time Mike and I try to talk, someone will call or stop by or one of the kids need something or are sick so I usually end the weekend with, "Oh, I forgot to tell him _____!" Not this weekend, we talked uninterrupted for five hours (he slept about an hour on the way home) and it was wonderful. I'm glad we had the chance to catch up and we have decided that we need to go out to dinner or to a movie or just get a babysitter and stay home once a month so we can catch up. Mike did make me promise however to let him know I want to talk and not drag him in a car for that long to be able to talk to him.

Mike is 6'4" so he doesn't fit comfortably in a car for too long. By the time we got home, he was like an 80 year old man with arthritis so I had to help him get out of the car. It was too funny. Overall, it was a really good time and we had lots of fun.

Sunday, we went to church and then to my grandma's to eat dinner, just like any other Sunday. Taylor went to my mom's for about an hour so Callee and I took a much needed nap. When Taylor got home, it seemed her cough was coming back from last week and sounded a little worse. By 7:00 she was just out of it and you could tell she was sick so I took her to Immediate Care. I had debated this for a while because I am always afraid I am overreacting and there is nothing wrong with them so I hate taking them to the doctor's. I ended up taking her and I am glad I did. She has had croup about 8 times in her life and pneumonia twice, I think. Callee is also prone to croup and pneumonia and she has added RSV to the list of ailments she's had. For whatever reason, my kids seem susceptible to the lung problems. Taylor now has a sinus infection and bronchitis. I have never heard of a 3 year old having bronchitis so I am glad I took her especially with her history of lung problems.

That was my weekend wrap up. It was a good one, but like all the others, it went by way too
fast! I hope everyone else's was good.


KC said...

I'm glad you had a great time at the game, Looks like the perfect seats to take the script picture.
I could use a much needed nap, My little Man for some reason hasn't slept well in over a week and I'm walking around with toothpicks propping my eyes open.
I'm glad you found out what was up with the cough, I hope they gave her something to clear it all up soon.

OH and don't feel bad about your room looking like what my girls room looked like, My room still looks like that and DH sleep though the day and works at night so really I never have any time to get in there and fix it up.. So i just keep pushing the mess out of the way LOL.

My Wonderful Men... said...

We love football at our house. sounds like you had a great time.

Don't you just love long rides in the car? I do. So much time can be spent together like you said that you can't get at home alone.

Hope your little one feels better.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Wow! You had great seats to get a picture of Script Ohio! :)
If you look WAAAAAAY to the right of that picture....somewhere beyond the goal posts, you might just see my dh and dd! They were there too! They sit right about where the band comes out.