Friday, October 19, 2007

Would you or not?

Every year our church goes to this women's retreat that is a huge district thing about 2 hours from my home church. I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to go last year with a wonderful group of women from my church. This year, due to hotel accommodation issues and a few other reasons, my church will not be attending. They are, however, going to New York for 3 days and I have the chance to go. We will be doing some witnessing amongst other things including going to see The Lion King on Broadway, which I would love to see so I would really like to go. This would give me a wonderful chance to get out of the house and feel refreshed upon returning home. I almost didn't go last year because Callee was so young and I had never left Mike with the kids overnight let alone 2 nights. I ended up going, everyone lived and I had a wonderful time. I was set on going this year and then we found out they weren't going, but they were going to New York and I could do that if I chose. I have to make this decision rather quickly, but the dilemma is the dates they are going are April 10, 11, & 12. Taylor's birthday is April 13. Do I go because I will be back for her birthday or am I selfish because that is the weekend of her birthday? I don't know what to do because I really want to go but I wouldn't be resentful if I didn't go. I just don't want to have regrets either way.

What do you think? Go fellowship and witness with other Christian women or stay home because it is my baby's birthday weekend?

I'm off to the Ohio State game in the morning so have a great weekend and I'll post on Monday!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Hmm, that's a hard one! Have you asked Taylor if she'd mind you being gone? You'll be back for her actual birthday, so I would think she'd be ok with it... Good luck! :)

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Kellan said...

Go. You'll be back for her birthday and you need to do things for yourself! Go! And have a great time!

KC said...

I have just meet you so I can't tell you what to do 8)
I can say there is no right or wrong answer here. So I would do what your heart is telling you to do.
I wouldn't beable to go on the weekend of one of my kids birthday, but that is only because the weekend before there birthday we have a birthday party and the weekend after we have a birthday party LOL One for there friends and one for the family with all the grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles.. So I would be busy the weekend before and after.. but If I didn't have any plans for parties and my child didn't mind then I would go with the church.

Thanks for the comment on my blog today..
Have fun at the game tomorrow..

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend

My Wonderful Men... said...

Tough one, but if you come back refreshed I say go.
Have her party the weekend before, your children are young and you can get away with doing it early and they would be just as happy.
Look at it this way, happy mommy makes a happy home. Go and fellowship get refreshed, it's really a refresher for everyone.
Follow your heart.