Thursday, September 6, 2007

Taylor started preschool

Taylor started preschool on Tuesday. She goes every Tuesday and Thursday and so far, she seems to like it. On Tuesday when we dropped her off, she broke my heart. There are about 14 kids in her class (3 teachers), but 10 of them go to the same church. Taylor doesn't happen to be in that group. She looked so sad and lonely standing there by herself. She is so shy that she won't introduce herself to anyone, but she said she did meet a little boy named Connor. Hopefully this will help her and she will become used to her new routine. She didn't cry at all though which really impressed me. On the first day she got to paint a big apple and she loves to paint so she was thrilled. She can also tell you apple starts with "a" and she knows how to spell her name. Before when you asked her to spell her name, she would say T-a-y and then a bunch of other letters that are not in her name. Now she can tell you T-a-y-l-o-r. I was pretty impressed. I'm not sure what she got to do today, one of the downfalls of working full time, but I'm sure I'll hear all about it if she'll talk to me on my lunch and if not at 5:30. I miss my girls so much when I'm at work, especially when I have really bad days like today, but I know I'm doing this for them to have a better life and we are doing the best we can. I just hope someday they understand that too.

We had a really busy weekend and like always every place we went I forgot my camera. I get so mad at myself about that. Saturday was my nephews birthday party. Nothing special just cake and ice cream and presents. It was nice because the kids all got to play together and then apparently Casia and Taylor didn't get enough of each other because Tay stayed at my sister's house. They had a really good time and she came home Sunday afternoon.

When Taylor got home, we went to Mike's grandma's for a picnic and some games. We played lasso golf and corn holes, which I suck at both but it was still fun. All the kids were running around and we ate way too much food. It was all so good you had to try a little of everything. Time went so fast while we were there and by the time I checked the time it was 8:30. That is Callee's normal bed time so no wonder why she was so fussy. We headed home to put two exhausted little girls to bed and an exhausted mommy followed not long after. It was overall a great day, but I was beat and I knew Monday was going to be just as bad.

Monday my sister and I took her two kids and Taylor to the Canfield fair. Mike had to help his sister move so he couldn't go and we knew Callee wouldn't get a nap if we took her so Mike's mom watched her for a couple hours. CJ, Casia, and Taylor rode every ride they could and ate a lot of food. They got to play this game and no matter what you won, so it was nice for them. They all had a really good time, but again after walking in the sun for hours I was completely exhausted and sun burned. It was a great end to a great summer and I can't wait until next time, except my baby will be 2 next summer...SCARY!!!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend and a wonderful week!

Taylor loves to pose, but at this point probably wished I would have put the camera down!


Anonymous said...

Is she really that skinny or is it the picture?

Gina said...

What sweet pictures. I know it must be hard to work when you want to be with your sweeties. I had to find something to do at home to be with them. I'll share it with you if you're interested. Perhaps it would be something you could do as well.

The Stevens Family said...

Gina, that would be great if you would like to share, I'm going crazy!

Anonymous, yes she is that skinny. Both my kids have always been rather low on the weight percentages!