Friday, August 31, 2007

Does anybody know what awareasis is?

Okay now that I am feeling better I have two funny stories about Taylor. The first occurred on the ride home Wednesday evening. We were in the car and Callee was "singing" as usual and Taylor loves to chat the entire ride, but for some reason that evening she didn't want to chat with me. I could hear her in the backseat talking to Callee. Here is the one sided conversation, Callee I'm gonna teach you something. Look at me, do you know what this is (holding up six fingers)? It's six, CJ is six, oh wait he had a birthday, he isn't six anymore. Okay I'll teach you what you are. (Holding up one finger), this is one, you are one, are you paying attention to me? Look at me Callee. Ok fine, I'll show you this (holding up three fingers.) This is 3, Taylor is 3, I am Taylor, so I am 3. Are you watching me? Fine be dumb forever, I don't care...The moral of the story...Taylor will never be a teacher.

Second story, not as funny, but none the less here it is. We were eating fruit last night, I had started to feel better and wanted to try and eat anything cuz I hadn't eaten all day. Juice started dripping down my chin and Taylor had gone to get herself a napkin so I asked her to bring me one. She came back with a tiny piece of a napkin and giggled as she handed it to me. I said, Tay I asked you to get me a napkin too. She said I know it's right here and pulled it from behind her back. She then proceeded to tell me she was aware-asis(?). What is that? I asked her again, what are you? And she still replied that she was aware-asis. Finally it dawned on me, she's hilarious! So we need to work on the pronunciation a little, but she is trying to use bigger words and it cracks me up. Ms. Aware-asis herself!Have a good holiday weekend. Taylor starts school Tuesday morning.


Gina said...

"Aware-asis" is adorable. Good for you for making a note of it.

Shana said...

LOL!!! Those are both really funny stories. :o) PRICELESS!!!

Glad to hear you are feeling better too.