Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Parade

Callee hanging out in her stroller waiting for the parade to begin.

Like I said yesterday, I took the girls to a parade on Sunday. My mom, me, my brother, CJ, Casia, Taylor, and Callee all ventured out to Lordstown for their Apple Cider Festival Parade. My nephew hates fire truck sirens, fireworks, and really any loud noises, so when the fire trucks came by, my mom had to hold his ears and he really was uninterested in the candy until they passed. We saw all kinds of cool tractors and four wheelers. There was a fire truck that had a dog mascot riding on the front which the girls really liked. They were so busy picking up the candy that they really didn't see too much of the parade. CJ saw the dog, but wasn't too impressed because of the fire truck with the loud sirens that accompanied it. I just wanted to show a few of the pictures that were a result of the day. We had a really good time and the parade lasted over an hour!
The marching band starting things off!
Casia and Taylor picking up candy and still trying to watch what's going on.
The dog on the fire truck!
He really doesn't like the sirens from the fire trucks. Doesn't he look happy?
There were so many four wheelers being driven around. This one was just so little and cute, I had to take a picture.
There were several tractors there too including one with a very pretty girl on it. My brother thought her tractor was sexy, but this was my favorite. If you click on it, you can read what it says under "Rita's Hope". I really enjoyed this tractor!


Josh said...

No i wanted Cj to yell to that girl "i think your tractors sexy" it woulda been funny.

Pinks & Blues said...

Awww... GREAT photos!!! the parade looked fun. My boys LOVE a good parade love one!!!!! Thanks for sharing these!!
- AUdrey