Monday, September 17, 2007


It was a busy weekend again, but it actually felt like I had a weekend, which was nice. Friday night the girls and I hung out at Kara and Jason's house so Taylor and Makayla could play. We ended up going to the mall to get a few things and we actually found a new Mr. Bunny (which is now a green bear!) For any of you who didn't know, Taylor has had the softest stuffed bunny since she was a baby. She has had to take it everywhere with her and it started to look pretty gross over the years. She lost it about 3 weeks ago and has been devastated. We have looked for a replacement one, but nothing seems as soft or as good as Mr. Bunny. We were at JC Penney Friday night and there was a big rack of stuffed animals. I happened to see a green one (Taylor's favorite color) and went over to touch it, low and behold it felt just like Mr. Bunny used to feel before he was drug through the mud and dirt! She was so happy to have her new playmate. Here is a picture of Taylor with her new bear.She drives Mike crazy with it because even though he is a bear, she still calls him Mr. Bunny. I don't see what this is hurting, but it drives Mike absolutely insane.

Saturday was a good day. Mike slept in because he stayed up too late cleaning the toy room and kitchen counter. I got the girls up, breakfast, bathed and we headed out the door to pick up a few things from the store. On our way to the store, we picked up my brother because the girl that works at the grocery store, he has a crush on. He agreed to come home with me afterwards to keep an eye on the girls while I got the food together. I, like other bloggers I have been reading, love fall. I made two pans of lasagna (we were having company) and a crock pot full of chili. I don't like lasagna, because I don't like spaghetti sauce and wouldn't you know, it's my husbands favorite food. So the chili was for me; my brother and dad love it too so my brother took some of it home with him.

Mike's friend is in the air force and stationed in England so we don't get to see him too often. He was home when I had Taylor, he came home right before and spent about a month and a half here, and he came home with his wife in toe on 9/12. We knew we'd see them this weekend we just weren't sure which day. They ended up coming over on Saturday to watch the Ohio State game and my food I made wasn't eaten. We ended up going to eat at Cracker Barrel, they have such good food, I love it. On a whole different note, do not take a one year old when her bed time is in an hour and expect her to be happy. Callee screamed from the second I put her in the chair until I got her out. It was so embarassing because everyone kept staring at us. So if anyone was at the Cracker Barrel we were at on Saturday night, I aplolgize for my child's behavior.

I felt bad for Randy's wife Mai because Taylor kept getting in her face over dinner. She was sitting between Randy and Taylor and Randy kept asking her questions so Taylor would lean over Mai, in her face leaning, and answer his question. That was definately a challenge to try and explain to her that it was rude and you shouldn't do that. In her 3 year old mind, she was being polite by making sure Randy could hear her answer. It was overall not too bad considering the restaurant was crowded and we took three kids ages 5, 3, and 1 with us.

We went back to our house for a little more visiting and then wrapped up the evening. Saturday we are supposed to be going to the football hall of fame, but I think Mike is just going to go with them. They want to leave at 10 and Taylor starts her dance class this week which is from 10:30 - 11:10. I don't think I'll be going, but maybe we can go to the park or something afterwards. It should be another good weekend. Here are some pictures of Saturday. We took the girls to a parade on Sunday, but that will be my blog for tomorrow because it has taken me about 4 hours to do this post because there is a lot going on at work today.

This is Callee when she stole Randy's hat.

Mike, Randy, Mai, and Emma (in her OSU collar.)Callee talking on the phone.

Randy and Callee playing keep away with Callee's jacket!
I have 37,000 (an exaggeration) more pictures of this weekend, but I think I've bored you enough with the pictures.


Josh said...

I love Mike's face in that one picture.Haha

The Stevens Family said...

Josh, I went to your blog and you have no posts, what is up with that?