Monday, August 13, 2007

A Weekend with Family

This weekend was a good one, however a little stressful because it was full of family. Friday night, my sister and her kids stayed at our house. It was nice to have her and the kids stay, it was like the sleepover's we used to have.

Saturday was probably my busiest day. I went and got my haircut at 11. It came out nice and definately needed the trimming it got. While I was getting my haircut, my sister had taken Taylor, CJ and Casia to the park. I got home, got Callee together and her and I went grocery shopping while Mike did the dishes for me, he is so sweet. When we got back, Callee took a nice long nap and mommy did some cleaning up. When she woke up, Mike dropped her and I off at my mom's and went home to cut the grass. When he came to pick us up, we headed to Jason and Kara's, with Taylor in toe. We hung out there for a while having a blast and before we knew it, it was 9:15, way past Callee's bed time and 15 minutes before Taylor was to be there. We headed home to put the girls to bed and Kara came along with us. After we got the girls to bed, Kara and I went out for some "girls only" time. It was nice to have some of that, but too bad we both missed our husband's and said next time they had to come. Jason stayed at our house to keep Mike company and they watched some show on the History channel the entire time, what stick in the muds. I went to bed late Saturday night and did not want to get up on Sunday.

Mike's family reunion was on Sunday. It's not that I don't like his family or anything like that, it's just that they are all wealthier than us and I feel like I can't be myself around them. Like it is a horrible thing to let my kids get dirty at a park, isn't that what they are supposed to do? I had fun, I'm just glad it's over. The girls had a blast. There were 6 dogs there from various families and so Taylor took a liking to one, well, all of them, but one in particular was aloud off its leash, so she spent the entire time chasing this dog and rolling down hills with it. Who needs kids your own age when you have dogs, right? That is Taylor's thought process at least. Callee practiced mastering her walking skills. She was walking up grassy hills, hot sidewalk (which suprisingly didn't phase her) and other various obstacles I didn't think she was ready to master yet, turns out she was.

When we left his family reunion, Tina (Mike's sister), her boyfriend, Mike's aunt Sandy, me and the girls headed out to the Italian fest. Mike stayed behind because he wasn't feeling well. He ate nothing at the family reunion. I think the heat was making him sick. Anyways, we got these bracelets and necklaces made from hematite stones, which I have never heard of. They are supposed to help from surgical pain, arthritis, pinched nerves and other different ailments. I don't know if they'll work or not, but if it doesn't, they're still pretty cool looking. The picture above is the one of the bracelet and down below is a picture of the necklace. (No, green is not my favorite color, but Taylor picked out the jewelry and was also around when I was changing the background on my blog and green is her favorite color.) They weren't very expensive either which was nice. Of course, we also had really great food there. Mike may not have wanted to eat from not feeling well, however, I had no problems. I think I ate enough for both of us.

Overall, it was a great weekend, but I could kick myself for leaving my camera at work on Friday! I have no pictures from this weekend and could scream. I even bought extra batteries for my camera and didn't need them.

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