Friday, August 10, 2007

Callee's Eye

Okay this post is going to seem pretty terrible to a lot of people so if you don't like stories of abuse don't read on. I took Callee to the doctor yesterday for the bump on her eye. She is only a tiny little 18 pounds 1 ounce. I think my kids are just very tiny boned. Anyways, I also mentioned the hard bumps she has on her breasts. The ones that have been there since she was born and I can't remember to mention, only because I am a great mom. It turns out the hard bumps are actually breast tissue. Babies develop this from all the hormones given to them by the mother in utero (sp?) and usually get rid of it just before birth with the amount of growing they do. Since she was early, she never had a chance to get rid of it. So, I have to keep an eye on them and if they get bigger, she may have a hormonal problem, but they've stayed the same for 13 months so I think she'll be okay. Onto that eye. I have enclosed a picture of the bump and swelling that has incurred. The doctor had some fancy name for it, but it's pretty much an allergy bump. One of the glands in her eyelid is clogged due to mucus and other allergy related fluids. He gave her an eye drop as well as put her on Zyrtec to help alleviate some of the symptoms so this doesn't keep happening. She also has to go to the eye doctor because she is still cross eyed. We should know when that appointment will be next week some time. On to the abuse. We are getting ready to leave the doctor's office and I am getting her dressed and listening to his instructions. I went to pull her shorts up and SLAM!, face first into the concrete floor. Boy did I feel horrible and like the world's worst mother. As she was screaming she was burying her face into my shirt. When I finally got her to look at me there was blood everywhere. That is the second time this week she split her lip. The doctor tried to get the bleeding to stop as I tried to calm her down. We thought she was going to need a stitch but it quit bleeding on its own eventually. Boy do I win mother of the year abusing my daughter in front of the doctor. We went to my mother's to pick Taylor up who was still at Chuck E. Cheese, it being a rainy day and all, what better place to take some kids? Taylor came back and we were off to pick up Callee's two prescriptions. Two of them cost me $64, and I wonder why we can't get ahead. $64 for two prescriptions? Does anyone else find this ridiculous? Anyways, we got home and it was bath time. I took a few goofy pictures of the girls in the bathtub as well as after they got out. Check out Callee's eyes in this pic, could they turn in anymore? Sandy, you're a nurse, is this normal?Taylor is such a goofy child. When I asked her why she was doing that, she said, "Just to see if you saw me." Okay, well I saw you and now everyone can see nicely down your throat. No strep there. When I got them out of the bath tub I began doing Callee's hair and Taylor was doing her own. Here is a picture of the great hair dresser's work. She did do her hair beautifully and let's face it she deserves a round of applause for not getting the comb stuck in her hair.

I put Callee to bed after I did her hair and I was going to try to do Taylor's hair. She kept telling me she wanted it down so I just brushed it out. Then she said, "Mom, I want my hair like yours." I told her I was not cutting her hair. She seemed mad I didn't understand what she meant and said, "I don't want it cut, I want that thing in my hair like you have." I still had no clue so I asked her if she could show me, and she politely guided me toward the bathroom. She pointed to my straightener and said, "That!" Well that makes sense now doesn't it. I told her I could not straighten her hair all the time, but I would do it for her tonight just for fun. So I did and she looked really cute. And then Taylor went to bed.
She woke up this morning about 8:00 very whiny and that is so not how I want to be woke up. She then proceeded to start screaming and pretty much having a fit. I wanted to beat her butt. She woke Callee up, who I luckily got to go back to sleep because if she gets up before 9:00, Mike is in for a long day. Is there any way I can get her to wake up not screaming? She doesn't have to be in the best mood, but I can't take a huge fit that early in the morning and she cannot keep waking her sister up. I even put her to bed earlier than normal last night, what gives? Any suggestions from any of you out there? Here is the diva herself posing for the camera with her freshly straightened hair. Doesn't she have much attitude?

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