Sunday, August 5, 2007

This weekend has been a ton of fun even though we haven't done much. We met Ashley for dinner Friday night and here are the girls eating the leftovers on Saturday. We went to Max and Erma's in Cranberry, PA (yes I drove an hour to go to Max and Erma's only because it was Ash!) We had a great meal and over all, the girls were pretty well behaved. It was so good to see Ash considering we haven't seen her since Lacey's open house, June 9. I miss her a lot. Hopefully she'll come for the weekend soon. Saturday, we watched Taylor's friend Makayla while her parents were at a wedding. What a treat....I do NOT want 1, 2, and 3 year old little girls. I'm not going to write about that right now but maybe another day.

Anyways, we went to church this morning for Taylor's Bible School program. She didn't want to get up and sing and do the motions. I told her she had to be a big girl and show me what she learned. Her teacher told her she would give her a bag of candy if she would stand up there like a big girl and that is what she did....stood there. No singing, no dancing, not even a smile, but it was still wonderful. I'll write more tomorrow, but I'll leave you with some really old pics of Taylor.

Here she is as a baby and a toddler. The last pic she would have been two in 3 months. Time changes everything...unfortunately.

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