Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Reminiscing about Callee's birthday

Thursday Callee will be 13 months, hard to believe...I know. I do not want her to grow up, she is our last baby. I was thinking today that I never posted the pictures of her party. This one is my mom holding her at her party and doesn't she look as happy as always? I don't know why this child hates life so much, she is never happy! I am hoping that will change one day and she is now an excellent walker. She still falls occassionally, but she has decided walking takes too long she'd rather run. So now she is trying to run. This girl and I are going to fight so much I can all ready tell. She is strong headed and smacks anybody in her way. I told her yesterday not to hit because it is not nice, and she smiled right before she slapped me. So I scolded her and she laughed. I don't know what I'm going to do with this child. Anyways, the pictures down below are of Callee's smash cake and her just getting into the cake. Unfortunately, I didn't get an end product picture because we were all covered in it. Anyone who knows Callee knows she isn't afraid to get dirty so you can imagine what she looked like. Enjoy!

Tonight, we go look at a preschool for Taylor and if all goes well, we will also enroll her. She is so very excited as you can imagine. I think this will really be good for her, but like I said before, it means my baby is getting too big. I'll probably be a basket case when Callee is ready to go. I found this pic of Taylor when she was a little over 1. It goes with the spaghetti faced picture in the previous post, but I had to post this one because the face she is making is priceless and I had to post it. Also, I think they look so much alike now. In the picture, Taylor is about a month older than Callee is now, is it just me or do the two sisters who used to look absolutely nothing alike have a striking resemblence now? Let me know what you think.

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