Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Taylor is officially enrolled in preschool!

Well, I did it. I enrolled her in preschool and she seemed to like the atmosphere. She got to meet her teacher and Callee went with us too. She told her teacher, "My mom is going to stay with me," to which her teacher politely replied, "No honey preschool is where kids come to learn and be away from their parents to play with other kids." She seemed a little uneasy and very brashfully replied, "Well she is today!" Ms. LaDonna (the teacher) tried to tell her that was okay, but when school actually started, she would have to come alone. Taylor just ignored her, so I started second guessing my decision.

There were books and easels everywhere. There was a sandbox and a fish tank. Taylor as well as Callee seemed to be fascinated by all of this as they were running from one thing to another. Ms. LaDonna and I sat and chatted about different things, what I expected and what I should expect, and I must say I was certainly impressed by her approach to every subject, whether I was asking the questions or Taylor was. At one point Taylor announced quite loudly that she had to poop, "RIGHT NOW!" I started to pick Callee up and head down the hall when she offered to keep Callee with her. I warned her Callee would probably start screaming as she is a huge mama's girl and with that Taylor and I were off to the bathroom which was just a couple of doors down so I could still hear everything. Callee wasn't crying, in fact she was giggling her little lamb giggle ( I need to post a video of that here sometime.) This really impressed me with her.

When we made it back to the room, the girls continued exploring. It's amazing how big of a mess those two can make in 35 minutes. Ms. LaDonna and I continued talking about Taylor's developments and then she spoke with Taylor. She was impressed with her vocabulary, who wouldn't be? And she said she seems like a very happy well adjusted 3 year old.

She sent us on our way with a hand book and some forms to fill out. I left her a registration fee check and told her I would contact her next week about setting up another meeting with her to drop off the papers and go over any final questions. I was getting ready to have the girls help me pick up the toys and I told them it was time to go. My very precious child decided to inform me I could just leave her there because Ms. LaDonna was her teacher now. This made me have mixed feelings. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard for Taylor to leave us to go to school like I thought it would be and yet it broke my heart. Boy am I glad that I'll be at work when she goes so I won't even notice she's gone.

Overall, I was very impressed with not only the center, but her teacher. I feel very comfortable about sending her here. There is some kind of peace and I feel like maybe this is where Taylor needs to be at this time in her life. All that I am asking from you guys is a little prayer that all will go well on September 4, her first drop off day.

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