Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Night with Taylor

I picked the girls up from the babysitter yesterday after work like I always do and Callee was as crabby as ever. This kept going for most of the evening. She would have good moments and the fussiest of all fussies other times. Needless to say I was excited at bed time.

Taylor, on the other hand, was a little cranky, but was unusually happy most of the time. We were at my mom's for most of the evening because she was having a water balloon fight with her Uncle Josh, and cousins, CJ and Casia. When all that was done, I went to load up the car which was in the front yard due to some driveway cramming issues.

That's when it happened, my knee gave out (big surprise), bags went flying and I hit my good knee on a rock, and slammed my head on the ground. I tried to get up but to no avail. I got my cell phone out of my purse and began calling my mother who was in the house, she didn't answer. Instead, she comes and shuts and locks the front door, thanks mom! My brother informs her, good thing, that I was out front and she just locked me out. She opens the front door to apologize and sees me laying on the ground. She comes out to help me up and says, "Did you hit your head because you are white as a ghost?" Well, duh! I don't usually lay in the grass for 10 minutes cuz I like the feel of it. Anyways, I started feeling better and headed home.

I put Callee to bed and sat with Taylor for a few minutes while she ate her yogurt. I then had a great night with Taylor which consisted of some very silly pictures, most of which I deleted. This is one of her eating yogurt and making a very goofy smile, which she was so proud of. After she finished eating, I headed off to take a much needed shower and she watched a movie. It was over all a great night with her. I wish I could say the same for Callee, but she was so whiny.

I called the doctor today to schedule an appointment for Callee because she has some king of bump on her eyelid. It has been there for 3 or 4 days and is getting worse so I thought I'd better put a call in. She has to go to the doctor today at 4:20. It kind of looks like a stye or an allergy bump. I get those often so I'm hoping that's what it is. The child is all ready cross eyed, I don't think we need any more issues with those beautiful blue eyes. I'll leave you with another picture of silly Taylor. Have a great day everyone!

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Drea said...

awee that is cute. i use to hair short hair and it seemed easier because it took little to now time to dry! it takes so long for me to blow dry my hair.. and air drying usually isnt an option since i wash at night...