Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh where is my hairbrush?

We took the girls to Kidzfest this weekend. It is a big festival with rides, games, and food that is put on by the area churches and the best part's all free. We invited Kara and Jason to come along with Makayla. We all met up to only be disappointed because you can't ride any of the rides unless you are 4. Of course, this did not make Taylor or Makayla happy. They adjusted pretty quickly and we began scoping out fun things for them to do. There was face painting, balloon animals, food, and all kinds of characters including, Oh where is my hairbrush himself, Larry the cucumber. We decided to eat first and then we noticed the line for face painting wasn't very bad so we headed there. Makayla got a beautiful butterfly and Taylor just wanted anything green, so we went with a heart. My brother later suggested a four leaf clover. Where was that suggestion a few hours before? After that, we began chasing the characters down. Larry must not have been feeling well, but we managed to get a quick picture with him. He had people guiding him and he didn't seem to be walking too well, so I don't know what was going on there, but I hope he is okay. Then, Taylor spotted Pooh and took off running so Mike went to catch up with her. She would not stop hugging Pooh, I think she might have fallen in love. Overall, we had a really nice day and the weather was beautiful. However, now it is really chilly with lots of rain which is never too much fun, but at least it held off on Saturday.

After we left Kidzfest, we headed over to McDonald's to play in the play area, which is extremely nasty and I try not to think of all the gross stuff in there when they are playing. But, the girls had a really good time and then we headed home for a much needed nap! OY! what a day!

Sunday it rained all day and so we had a very lazy day. Around 4:00 Michele called to see if we wanted to go over there to play games and the kids could play so we headed over there around 5. We didn't stay too long and were out of there by 7:30, but we did play one interesting game of Mad Gab and had some fun. I am now completely exhausted from no sleep and another jam packed weekend, but the only time we can be an actual family is on the weekend, so we do have some great ones.

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Shana said...

Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog. Your are welcome any time at my little piece of the web.

My boys would love to met Larry. That is to cool. :o)