Monday, July 30, 2007

The Toy Room

Well, we were so busy this weekend. We cleaned out the basement and got about 15 bags worth of garbage. Mostly old stuff we'd been hanging on to or papers we thought we might need.....turns out we didn't. We also went through all the old baby clothes and gave about 10 bags to Good Will. My children have/had entirely too many clothes. Well, Mike and I went through most of our clothes and gave a couple bags each to Good Will also. Okay so maybe we all have too many clothes. Regardless, our house actually seems moved into not just sort of staying there. It took us two years, but we are almost there. We put a toy room upstairs for Taylor and her millions of toys, some of which we also gave to Good Will, but she still has tons. She loves it and wants us to move her room upstairs.

Yet another dillema. I love the fact that they share a room on the same floor as us except when they wake each other up. The quick fix would be to have Taylor's room upstairs, but this bothers me in so many ways. First of all, once again she is my baby and I love to have her close. Second, will she actually sleep up there when the time comes? Third, what if there is a fire? How will I get to her fast enough? I don't know what to do. I think I am having a really rough time letting her grow up and I wish I could just let her. I'm sure when I have hindered her enough and I then want her to grow up, her baby ways will drive me crazy.


Taylor, who for the most part is a pretty big tom boy, decided this weekend she may be a little girly girl too. We went to Angie's Saturday night and she asked me to wear a dress and she absolutely insisted on bringing her purse. This purse was filled with not one but two "Princess Express" credit cards, which she faithfully calls her debit cards (do you think we use ours too much?), her sunglasses (complete with case), her cell phone (which also had a case) and her set of keys. Off we went. The entire way there she kept asking me if I would yell at Christopher (who is 6) if he tried to play with her purse. I tried to inform her he wouldn't be interested in her purse, but as soon as we arrived she told him not to touch her purse. To this he said "I'm a boy!" She was then convinced, finally, that he would not be bothering her purse.


Callee was up until midnight last night. I have no idea why. She went to bed around her normal time and for whatever reason, about 10:30 she was up and we couldn't get her back to sleep. Usually, I would have been a little irritated and begging her to go back to bed, but she was hysterical last night. She is still doing the few steps and falling, but she is getting better at it, however, last night was a different story. She would start over by the TV in the living room and run to the couch before grabbing on and giggling. She kept doing this over and over making Mike and I laugh so hard (probably from being exhausted.) At one point, I was doing the one eye cry. My monkey, she is a riot.


I think a lot of times I take my kids for granted. I am making a conscience effort from now on not to do that. I want to enjoy every moment-good and bad-every day.

By the way, Taylor is going to Bible School this week. We'll see how she does and maybe this could determine whether she really needs to start preschool yet or not!

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