Monday, March 22, 2010

Surgery update

I thought I'd give you all an update on how the surgery went and my recovery thus far.

The surgery went well....there wasn't as much damage as he anticipated, but definitely had to clean things up. The last time I had this done I felt swelling, used crutches the first day, but not after that and only took one pain pill (the first night, I was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep.) This time there is a lot of swelling, I'm still using crutches and my knee is really weak....likes to give out often. I'm assuming this is because no ones been inside it for almost 3 years and last time I just had a surgery on it 9 months before. I go to the doctor tomorrow morning for my post op check up so I'll know more then.

My knee swells a lot, whether I'm moving around, keeping it elevated and iced or just laying flat. It has swelled so much that my calf, ankles & foot also have swelled. I am hoping this stops soon cuz the sausage toes I have on my left foot are not cute! (and pretty painful too)

There's the update for now, I'll know more tomorrow.

While you're reading could you say a prayer for a family I know. She was the secretary at my high school & her son was a few years younger than me, but went to the same school. She and I got pretty close while I was the office aid my last two years of high school and really is such a sweet woman. Her other son graduated before I got there, but the younger son who just turned 24 on March 8 passed away on Saturday. He was in the hospital a few months ago, but I'm not sure why & his obituary says he passed away after an extended illness. Saturday was his mom's birthday and today is his older brothers birthday. I cannot imagine the pain of burying your child, especially at such a young age, I'm sure the family would appreciate all the prayers they can get. I will be attending his calling hours on Wednesday.

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Angela said...

Hope the swelling goes down soon and you are walking unassisted

I will say prayers for both the family and you.