Friday, March 19, 2010

It's a GO

I am having surgery today at 11:30....

After a lot of run around about my second opinion I have to have my lawyers & I have decided I have the potential of getting screwed either way! If I have it and go for a second opinion & they find nothing it will be a hard fight to prove it, but my doctor is wonderful & willing to do anything to prove it was screwed up & so I had to have the surgery!

If I cancel they could potentially say, "she obviously doesn't need it or she wouldn't have cancelled, we're not paying for it."

I'd rather get screwed over & have relief than to get screwed over & still live with pain daily so I am still having it. I'm relieved to know I am getting it done & whatever happens, happens! I honestly can't wait until this is settled and done...I just want to close this chapter of my life.

Thanks for "being" there & listening!


Andrea said...

I hope it goes really really well...and that you FINALLY get some relief too!!!

Angela said...

Glad relief is to come sooner than later.
Hope it went well.