Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I can't believe....

...it's been so long since I've blogged. We have been really busy with lots and lots of snow, school work and home improvement projects!

Not to mention the regular everyday mundane tasks that are supposed to be kept up with too. In the last couple weeks/months we have painted, redone the bathroom, put in a new furnace, got a new computer and hooked all that up, new computer desk & are soon (hopefully if the weather ever allows us) replacing our front door. Most of these things have needed to be done since we moved in, but with lack of funds it's never been done. Now my dad has the time so I don't have to pay labor costs and thanks to uncle Sam's income tax check we are getting them done.

My dad having the extra time is not the best thing in the world because he only has the extra time because he's laid off. My mom was called back to work 4 weeks ago and then my dad got laid off 2 weeks ago....funny how that worked out. Mike is still looking for a job & will be done with school on March 17. He'll probably go back in July-ish (online) to complete his Bachelor's degree. Taylor is signed up for t-ball again and that will start soon with practices & such.

Here is a sample of my day so you all can understand why I've gone missing.

wake up, work 9 - 5, go home get dinner by 6, Mike leaves for school (since my mom went back to work Mike had to switch to night classes so we don't have to pay daycare costs too.) After dinner it's homework (usually takes 45 mins - an hour), baths, try to spend some type of quality time with my lovely girls, devotions & bedtime. By the time they are in bed I'm beat, but I finish my evening off with cleaning up from dinner, dishes, picking up loose clothing & toys that made their way to my living room, make sure Taylor's book bag is ready for school the next day and shower myself. Needless to say by 10 I either am ready for bed or ready to veg in front of the TV before heading to bed. Mike gets home from school around 10 so I try to stay up & spend time with him, but I don't know how much quality it is considering I'm usually half asleep or my brain isn't forming coherent thoughts at that point, but I try.

Cabin fever has begun to hit my children hard. We went to an indoor bounce house last week to let them burn off their energy, but of course it isn't the same as running in the fresh air. It did help a little because they both are literally bouncing off my freshly painted walls! Oh spring, please make your arrival soon!

Basically in all this rambling I am trying to say that my life is currently filled with the beautiful, crazy, hectic, mundane things that make life, well life! No excuses just wanted to pop in & vent a little about the craziness that surrounds me. I haven't even been reading blogs so I'm off to do that now...I know I've missed a lot in your lives too.

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Angela said...

I have been a bit absent from blogland too, but I am back now. I have set up a writing goal for myself.

Glad to hear from you