Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An update

I wanted to give you all a quick update without getting into too much detail and invading my little girls privacy. Basically, she is doing a lot better than she was the other night. The ER doctors weren't completely right, but not completely wrong either. She is going to see a urologist, but not for 5 weeks for a couple of different reasons; all of which I agree with the doctor for. Thank you for all the prayers she is definitely doing much better and is much more comfortable.

This week we have bible school at church right after work so it's a crazy one. Tomorrow I have to go have a scope done. I have been having some issues lately and was afraid to go to the doctor because I was convinced I had colon cancer. I finally went yesterday because I was tired of hearing my mom harp at me. Well, the doctor doesn't think it's cancer, but I do have to have a scope placed down my throat and from there he'll take a biopsy to see if it is Celiac disease.....ugggghhhhh! Ever feel like screaming? That's me right now. So I'm not sure if I'll get around to blogging since I'll only be up in the morning (and working) and then after the scope I'll be sleeping off my sedation.

If any of you are on facebook and are my friends, my status yesterday is all about family drama. I'll save that story for another day though. Hope you all enjoy your lovely Tuesday.

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Jennie said...

Sorry things are going so crazy right now. I hope that everything goes well with the scope. That sounds scary gaggy like.

Poor little Caylee! I'll be thinking and praying for her. Poor little thing. There's nothing worse than never ending discomfort.