Friday, July 24, 2009

If you don't hear from me

it's because we are busy. I had to take Callee to Urgent Care on Wednesday night with a fever of 104 and she said it hurt when she peed. We go after I gave her Motrin and her fever was still 101; it takes her over an hour to pee in a cup, but she finally goes. The doctor tells us he's treating her for a UTI because there is blood in her urine, but no bacteria. He said it could've been because it was just starting so he'd send it to the lab and go from there. In the meantime we are to give her amoxicilan and follow up with our pediatrician on Friday.

As we are driving to get her prescription filled she starts screaming in pain saying her "hip" hurt. I ask her to point and it's her lower back/kidney area. Then she proceeds to start throwing up in my car. I call Urgent Care and talk to the doctor that treated her and he says, "you need to take her to ER. She could have a kidney stone and needs to have a cat scan done." So after a quick stop at home we head to the ER.

The waiting at ER of course was ridiculous. Callee vomited 3 more times in the waiting room and then once more in triage. We get to our room and they give her a shot to stop the vomiting so they can give her Tylenol for her fever which is back up to 102.8. She didn't pee in a cup until 12:30 am there and cathing her was not an option. They gave her a dose of antibiotics and we got home about 2 am after her ultrasound which showed no kidney stones, but "sludge" in her bladder.

She is going to her doctor today and then she is going to have to see a pediatric urologist. Something isn't right with her bladder and/or everything it's connected to. If you have a moment say a prayer for Callee's comfort. She is really uncomfortable and she hasn't peed since 8 pm last night. 8 pm is the first time she peed since ER that morning/night before. I'll keep you all updated as much as I can, but I am really hoping we won't be spending our weekend in the hospital. Especially since Callee has another birthday party for my side of the family on Sunday.


Courtney said...

I'm waiting for the dr. to call me because Mike & my mom took her and he is saying she didn't have a uti, but it was from dehydration and that is also what the sludge was. I am a little confused so I will talk to him and then go from there.

The Redhead Riter said...

Just found your blog...I hope she is better soon!

Angela said...

A prayer said

I hope she gets feeling better soon

Cheffie-Mom said...

I will for sure say a prayer. I hope Callee feels much better very soon. Hugs.