Monday, June 29, 2009

Just wow

We had a great weekend jam packed with "stuff" at our house. I'm going to try to do the top 5 thing, but it's still going to be long.

  1. Friday after work we went to my nephew's last regular season baseball game, but there will be many more since he was picked for all stars (and the only one from his team that made it.) After that we went to my mom's. We have had no time to spend over there recently and the girls have been missing my parents since Mike is on break from school. They don't go over there for there 4 hours right now and they love being at grandma and papa's house. We were there visiting, playing and eventually watching a movie until 10:30!
  2. Saturday we slept in until 10:00. It was so nice and then our crazy day began. I went grocery shopping and to get donuts with the girls in tow (something I haven't done in a long time because Mike usually keeps them while I run) while Mike cut and raked the yard. After that we had a birthday party to go to which was fun and small...not at all what we are used to, but it was such a nice change. I didn't leave with a headache like I normally do after birthday parties. After the party we stopped by my grandma's for about an hour to visit with her. An hour is about all the girls can handle because there's not much for them to do.
  3. After visiting grandma, Mike took the girls to his mom's while I got ready to meet up with some friends at the rib burn off. We had a good night and the girls stayed at his moms which meant we could sleep in on Sunday too.
  4. Sunday we got the girls and went to another birthday party. This one was for Mike's cousins daughter. It was a good time, but so sad at the same time. Zoie is the child's name and Zoie is not actually Mike's cousins daughter, but her little sister is. Zoie's mom and Mike's cousin started dating when Zoie was 10 months old and she turned 4 yesterday. Zoie's mom left and moved to FL in March and left both the girls here with Brian (Mike's cousin.) He is a wonderful father to both of these beautiful girls, but their mom is coming July 7 to get them and they won't be back in Ohio until December and even then we don't know if Zoie will be allowed to come back. It's sad because when Brian left with the girls Zoie started crying and said she didn't want her birthday to be over because that's when her mom was coming to get her and she didn't want to go to FL. Then she demanded Brian call her mom so she could tell her not to come get her because she didn't want to go. It was a heart wrenching situation and I feel so horrible for everyone involved.
  5. The best part of my weekend may not seem like much to you guys, but I've written everything out here so I wanted to share a little piece of the changes. When we were at the rib burn off Saturday night we met up with a couple that we've known for a while and we both love. We don't spend nearly enough time with them, but when we do get to, we always have a great and relaxed time. While we were with them, Mike made me feel like the most beautiful and special person on earth and that's what I've been asking him to try to do if you all remember. Then Sunday morning I was still in bed (didn't get up until 10) and he had gotten up really early. He came in and laid next to me and rubbed my back while he thought I was still sleeping. Then he whispers, "I am so in love with you and you have no idea." I was instantly happy, but didn't know if I should let him know I was awake or not. I waited a few minutes and then said, "That is the nicest thing you've said to me in a long time." Then he looked at me and said, "I meant every word too." I melted and everything will be okay, we are making great progress with everything and it is actually happening sooner than I thought it would. God has his hand in this and I am thankful for that.

As a side or bonus if you will, I caught a cold over the weekend and have very little voice and am feeling quite rundown. If I don't post often, that's why. I will sleep every spare second I can in the next few days because I am off on Friday for the holiday. I am hoping to be recuperated by then so I can enjoy my long weekend, this is my favorite summer holiday.


Angela said...

It does sound like a good time.
I am glad things are looking a bit better for you guys.

I know when there are trust issues it is hard to let things go.

Thinking of you

Cheffie-Mom said...

Courtney, I'm so glad you and Mike are working things out. Hugs!