Thursday, May 7, 2009

To my daughter's on Mother's Day

I was going to steal Kristy's idea of Thursday Thirteen, but when I started writing all that out, this came instead. So I guess I was meant to write my kids a letter instead.

Dear Taylor and Callee,

I decided to write the two of you a letter for Mother's Day (I know it's early, but mommy doesn't blog on the weekends too often) to let you know how special and important you both are to me. I also want you both to know why I consider myself so lucky to be your mother.

It doesn't matter how many times we have bad days, tomorrow is always a fresh, clean slate.

I love every single hug, cuddle and kiss I get to share with you.

I love watching you learn new things. Whether it was your first word, your first step, your first dance recital or your first t-ball game, there is always such wonderment in your eyes when you are learning something new.

The belly know the ones. The ones that seem to come from your toes and only the innocence of a child can sound like that.

I love our times at night when I am laying with you one on one reading your favorite story and saying prayers. That time with you is so peaceful and rare that I treasure it every night.

I love watching the two of you interact, not so much the fighting, but when you are playing house it is so cute to hear the conversations the two of you have and the love for each other that comes through in them.

I hope that you both know that you are cherished, loved and adored by a lot of people. The two of you are so very special and I hope you never forget that. Dream big, laugh often and most importantly, believe in yourself.

Thank you for making me not just a mother, but your mother:


Janice {Run Far} said...

OMG for real? i am in tears. great post. I am going to copy. do you mind?

Stuff could always be worse said...

Beautiful letter

Kristi said...

Beautiful letter, Courtney. Make sure to print it out and keep it for the girls someday.

Steph said...

You're a great mom and this is a great letter to your girls!

OHmommy said...

What a sweet letter Courtney. I always love reading letters moms write from the heart to their own children.

Happy Mother's Day.

AZMom said...

Beautiful post Courtney!