Thursday, April 2, 2009

4 years ago today....

....I married my best friend. It still amazes me that I can love him more every day and be so content with someone for so long (I get bored easily.) It has definitely been 4 years of ups & downs, heart ache & grief, trials & tribulations, but I am so glad I went through it with Mike.


I loved you 4 years ago, but I love you more today; I will probably love you more a year from now. Thank you for putting up with my moodiness & loving me for me. We will get through this rough spot because we have each other (and a wonderful supportive extended family.)

I am proud of you for going back to school & making sacrifices now so that we will have a better life later. You are the most amazing father & are shaping up to be a pretty amazing husband too. I love you with everything I am & am so glad to call you my best friend.

Happy Anniversary, I hope to have at least 46 more!

Tomorrow I will post days 1 & 2, then on Monday days 3 & 4 of our Florida vacation.


Cheffie-Mom said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!!

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary

It is great when you have someone to go through he good times and the bad times with.


AZMom said...

Happy Anniversary!!