Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Updates on the girls

Last night Callee was sitting on the floor playing and surrounded by her babies. Mike is listening to the little conversation she is having with them (ok more like with herself) and he hears her say, "No dad I won't listen to you, I'm texting!" Apparently in that round of play she was the child, but why wasn't she listening while she was texting? Kids and their adult like conversations.

Taylor has been saying some pretty funny things. The other day we were eating a snack and we kept offering some to Callee and she kept refusing. In the meantime she found a Hershey kiss and ate it. Taylor looks at me and says, "Apparently she's just going to eat candy for breakfast." It wasn't breakfast, but what 4 1/2 year old uses the word apparently in a sentence?

They both have been saying some off the wall funny things lately, but do you think I can remember any except the above referenced ones right now? Ummm, no!

I went on my way home from work last night and got the paint for Callee's room so that will be our big project coming up (probably this weekend.) I will take pictures and post them after. The paint is called Rambling Rose by Sherwin Williams and here is a link to it if you are interested in seeing what it should look like (it is the 8th column over top selection.)

I will have to make sure to take pictures of Callee's toy box that Mike's dad made her for Christmas. It came out really nice and will go well with the "pink" in her room.

If I can think of anymore of the funny things they've been saying I'll update later, but if not, have a happy hump day!


Janice {Run Far} said...

hey girl,
my kids are always saying the funniest things too, and I always think... "remember this janice so you can blog about it" But I usually don't. sounds like both of us need to start writing it all down. =)

when my taylor does something funny and we laugh, she will always say "Mom, please don't blog about this."
how sad am I?

Kathy said...

I've been reading along, but none of my comments seem to make it to you. (My wonderful internet connection here in the woods!) I am glad to hear you have a definative diagnosis. Scary though, not to be able to get your drugs yet. Hope all goes right with the insurance company. I have an Aunt that worked in insurance and she told me that they are trained to say 'no', until an individual does not give up and starts to fight back. Intersting huh? Your kids are great, I love to hear about the neat things they say and do. Enjoy your day!

AZMom said...

Good to see you posting again. I just love the things your kids say. I can't wait to see Callee's new room!

Laura said...

I love that shade. I cannot wait to see pictures and I can never remember the funny things my kids have said either until I've got no one to tell.

Kristi said...

The texting comment reminds me of the first time I saw Noah put one of his stuffed animals in time out. they catch everything we do, like little sponges.