Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Me Against the World

Okay, the all caps on the last post, a little obnoxious! I blogged from my phone on Saturday and couldn't figure out how I got the caps lock on or how to get it off, so sorry about that.

The buckeyes broke my heart last night, 3 years in a row. How are you that close and let it slip by? It was definitely a good game and I stayed up entirely too late to watch it, but it was a good game with a bad outcome.

My doctor is currently battling the health insurance company to get my meds covered. Jennie a girl new to my blog brought up an extremely good point. They will give out oxy's and perc's and vicodin like it is nobody's business, but I need a pill to keep me awake so I don't kill someone while driving and it's, "Sorry we only allow one pill a day and if you want that, you will have to have your doctor call and fight tooth and nail to get it covered!" Ridiculous, that is the problem with the U.S.'s health care system. I don't even like taking meds, so unless I really need them I don't. Obviously I need these.

To answer Jennie's question, yes it is dangerous and yes I have fallen asleep at the wheel. Right now I am only supposed to be driving when absolutely necessary (work, etc.) and that is why I actually brought up the whole problem. I knew I was exhausted all the time, but never did I think it was narcolepsy. I started falling asleep at red lights (with my kids in the car) and the breaking point was when people started waking me up while I was driving (honking, a lot) because I was drifting into their lane. I was terrified to drive at that point and brought it up to the doctor.

We are also currently fighting our car insurance company because they are saying we have to pay our deductible to get Mike's car fixed from his accident when it was the other guys fault. For those of you who aren't on facebook, Mike and Taylor got into an accident in the middle of December, but everyone's fine. Mike's car has $6,000 worth of damage, but Mike and Taylor are great. Back to the fight. They are saying we have to pay our deductible and they are basing this assumption off the statement the guy that hit Mike gave. Not the police report that shows that the other guy was at fault. Did I mention we both have the same insurance company? I hate insurance companies right now!

So right now I'm feeling like it is me against the world, but everything will turn out fine! I will give you an update on the girls tomorrow because I don't want to mix all of this with two of the three most important people in my life. Have a good Tuesday.


Jess T said...

Ipes! Insurance companies are crap! They don't care about patients and at least half of what they do doesn't make sense.

Kristi said...

I had a similar problem with the insurance company last year. It must be a bunch of people who live in a bubble with no window to reality that make these rules.

I know it feels like it's all falling apart right now., But you are on the right track. You have a reason for the problem, now you just need to keep on truckin' until the solution has arrived. I hope things start looking up soon.

My Wonderful Men said...

The meds will come through for you. You know the saying when it rains it pours. Hang in there. It can only get better.

Steph said...

Ok if it were me doing the approving which I often do here at work you would have the meds in a jiffy!

Janice {Run Far} said...

well darn it, life just sucks some days. Hope it all gets better.

Shana W. said...

What a mess you are in with both health and car insurance! Why do we pay all of those high premiums for anyway? I hope this all works out for you soon! :o)

AZMom said...

What a bunch of cr@p. I am so sorry you have to deal with all of this. I hope things work out for you and soon!