Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Top 5

Our weekend was pretty easy going, just what I needed after the week I had last week.

  1. Friday night I went to a Christmas party for my friend's work. Her husband couldn't go so I was her date. While there I networked a little and will be sending in my resume to hopefully have a new job by mid January. She has worked for this company for 5 years and from what I've heard it will be a good job to have when you have two young kids.
  2. Saturday we hung around the house most of the day besides heading out to go grocery shopping. On the way home it was really slippery out from all the snow we had gotten so we didn't want to venture out anymore.
  3. Saturday evening we went to a wedding reception with my mom. My dad was supposed to be her date, but got sick so the girls and I tagged along while Mike stayed behind and did some homework.
  4. Sunday we went to church in the morning. It was one of the quickest church services and afterwards we headed to my grandma's for some lunch.
  5. After getting home from that we just hung out, ordered pizza for dinner and I fell asleep on the couch. We had a great, relaxing day and weekend - just the kind I like. Oh, the girls did put on their play dress up clothes and do a little "show" for us. It was too cute and I wish I would've gotten a video of it!

Now I have to get through one more week. I hate that I dread coming to work and am hoping that changes very soon. Whether that means getting a new job or things change here.


My Wonderful Men said...

I be thinking about you this week at work and pray that you have peace there.

Kristi said...

Our boys put on a "show" for us too. It must have been the weekend for drama.

Jess T said...

Sounds lovely

AZMom said...

Sounds like a great weekend and a lot less hectic than mine! I hope you can pull a new job soon!!!

Angela said...

Sounds like a great weekend.

OHmommy said...

That sounds like my kind of weekend!

KC said...

sounds just about like my weekend this weekend, not much going on, at least you had a wedding and dinner at grandma's I didn't really leave the house.

I see I have missed alot of your post again.. Dang.. don't know why blogline isn't picking up your feed and telling me when you have a new post.. I'll have to try to add you in there again.. if it wasn't for bloglines I would never read any blogs :)

Kellan said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend. You were a lot of people's date - tee hee!

Have a good week, Courtney - see ya - Kellan