Friday, October 31, 2008

A lesson in class and common courtesy

After reading OHmommy's post here, it really got me thinking about something so small, so easy, so classy, so courteous saved a friend of mine's life. Even though this is so effortless so many people don't do it anymore and it's sad really. I wish I could say I have always done this, but it just isn't true. I used to walk past people and look down at the ground staring at my feet. So many people do that still and I notice it all the time because I am now the smile and "Hi, how are you" kind of girl. Maybe I don't know you, but that's fine, maybe you were depressed and I was your pick me up.

I have a little story about my friend Ashley (who now has a blog so go say hello) that I have written about on numerous occassions. She has always been a great friend and she has also always known that if she needed me, no matter the time or the place, I'd be there for her and visa versa. We just have each others backs like that. So I wasn't in complete shock when my phone rang at 2:30 a.m. on a June evening in 2006. I was 7 months pregnant with Callee and had actually been awake because I got up about 2 to use the facilities and I could never fall right back to sleep when I was pregnant.

Ashley sounded a little shook up and like she had been crying, but had since pulled herself together. She apologized for waking me up and said she had planned on just leaving a voicemail. I explained I was all ready up so no harm was done and then asked what was up. She said, "If my cell phone calls you, don't answer it (she had called from her house phone.) I was robbed at gun point tonight and they took my cell phone with them and the cop warned me some people are stupid and will use it to harass their friends and family. I think the guy robbed me for drug money so I'm sure he's not too smart."

Of course my jaw dropped and my head flooded with a million questions. When? Why? Where? Are you okay? What happened? She was nice and let me spew all of that before answering and then she explained everything.

She was walking into her apartment building when she saw a guy walking towards her. She said hello and smiled (as she always does) as he passed her and then proceeded to continue unlocking the outside door to be able to enter her apartment complex. As she was fooling with the lock she felt something in her ribs and a man's voice tell her to hand him her purse and not to make a sound. He took off with everything and she got into her apartment and called 911. When the cops arrived she was able to describe him in great detail because she had made eye contact with him when she said hello.

The cops also informed her that they got the same description from a few witnesses just 30 minutes before her robbery. They told her she was lucky because the other person robbed was also shot. She probably threw the guy off by smiling and saying hello and the reason he didn't rob her right then was because he contemplated not even doing it to her because of her kindness.

See people, it's not just common courtesy, classiness or so simple, it could possibly save your life. Now next time you pass someone make sure to smile and say "hi." You never know what kind of day they are having and you could have turned it around for them or possibly saved your own life.

Enjoy your weekend!


Angela said...

That is why I try to smile even when I feel like crap.
Glad your friend was ok.

My Wonderful Men said...

Thanks for sharing this story.
I too I'm glad your friend was o.k.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

OHmommy said...

Such a simple lesson. I wish more of us would do. I will try to smile more often.

I am so glad your friend is okay.

AZMom said...

WOW! Your friend was incredibly brave and lucky. Thank you for posting this :-)

Andrea said...

that really does drive this simple lesson home, huh? thanks for the great reminder!!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great and simple lesson. I'm glad your friend is okay. Have a wonderful day. (:

Steph said...

wow wow wow, I need to smile more often. So glad your friend was ok.

KC said...

I had a dream lastnight about this post.. In my dream I was being mugged and you post popped into my mind and somehow I was friendly with the guy and he gave me my stuff back LOL.. AWWWWWWWWWW crazy dreams... I'm sick and on cold meds and my dreams are always wild when I'm taking cold meds. LOL but thought it was funny I was dreaming about your blog LOL.