Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just stuff

Well, as far as the posted pictures yesterday go, I put them up to ask your opinion. I think those are the two pictures I'm going to use for our Christmas cards this year, but I'm not 100% sure yet. In Taylor's picture it really isn't a straight on shot like Callee's is so I am having a hard time deciding if I should use it or try to get a different picture. What's your opinion?

In case you are wondering, I can never get a good shot of both of them together so I just put their individual pictures side by side. Both of these pictures had the other child in them, but due to horrible pictures of them, they got cropped out. It just works better this way. After taking 50 pictures of them together and none of them coming out like I'd hoped, I figure I had to have at least gotten one good shot of each of them.

I have been trying to put my house back together all week from the "fall" cleaning that took place last week. We are getting there slowly, but surely. I won't be working on that tonight because it is trick or treat in our neighborhood. It is from 6 - 8, but we aren't going out until 7ish. This way I won't have to rush around and the girls don't last very long anyways. I think it will work out best for everyone.

I woke up this morning to a really bad tooth ache. I had one of my wisdom teeth out a year and a half ago because it was infected and I was told that I needed the other 3 out, but I wouldn't let them do it right then. I have put it off and now I think another one of my wisdom teeth is infected. I will be calling around today to see who can get me in the fastest. I want put out because I am an absolute wuss when it comes to Novocaine shots. This just seems easier although it may mean not getting in to have it done as soon as I'd like to. Let's keep our fingers crossed and this time I will have the 3 remaining out.

I have a really great post planned tomorrow about courtesy and classiness. For any of you that read ohmommy's blog it is derived from one of her posts. She gave me the concept so now I'll share with you an interesting story of how it could just save your life. Stay tuned for that.

We have a very relaxing weekend scheduled. I will put the finishing touches on my house and tackle the one last room that is left - my bedroom. Then I will feel as though I accomplished something and will watch it all being torn apart again. So it is life I suppose.

Have a great Thursday!

P.S. - Here is a really dark video taken with my phone (you can't see anything), but Callee is singing in it and I think it is too cute! Watch if you'd like. Don't forget to give me your opinion on the photos for the Christmas card.

Turn your volume way up!


Kristi said...

I often have the same problem getting a picture of my two together where they are both looking straight forward. Here's my suggestion on getting a picture of the two together. I try to take pictures where i tell them to look at each other. It always turns out cute and they have ended up being some of my favorite pictures of them.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Awwwhhhh! How sweet - the song and the pictures. Speaking of toothache - I chipped my tooth last night. No fun! Happy Halloween!

AZMom said...

I have the same problem getting both of my kids to look at the camera and smile and not beat each other up. I love the photos. They both are giggling so it would be perfect for holiday cards.

I hope you can get your tooth taken care. Tooth pain is the worst!

My Wonderful Men said...

I don't think there is any thing wrong with using the pictures the way they are. It shows who they are.

Angela said...

Pictures Oh and another thing that is more difficult with two kids. I sure have my work cut out for me.

Hope your tooth problem gets taken away (pun) soon.


KC said...

I'm going to drive myself crazy soon, I'm going to 1st have to clean my living room and not just my normal cleaning since my living room doubles as the toy room most the time I have toys stuffed into my fireplace and all around the fireplace.. But for christmas I like to clear out all the toys and dress up the kids and sit them infront of the firerplace for a group shot to put into Christmas cards.. each year it seems to be more of a pain to do it, but I have done it every year for the last 6 so I want to do it again.. but getting 4 kids dressed up and all willing to sit together for a picture, not to mention trying to find a time where one of them don't have to be some place is not my idea of fun.. so as for your pictures I say if you are happy with them use them and don't put yourself though any more stress of trying to get a better shot.

OHmommy said...

Yay, I can't wait to see what you wrote!